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Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp (by Hunted Cow / Criss Cross Games)

09-30-2014, 07:33 AM
Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp (by Hunted Cow / Criss Cross Games)

We're pleased to release the first alpha screenshots of John Gibson’s Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp by developer Criss Cross Games (crisscrossgames.com). Scheduled for release in December for PC, Mac, iOS and Android; this is the first release from the announcement of the partnership between Hunted Cow Studios (huntedcow.com) and Victory Point Games (victorypointgames.com).

About the Game

Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp was named one of the Top 30 Solitaire Board Games by Box of Delights and one of the 2013 Best Thematic Solitaire Games for the Spare Time Challenged on BoardGameGeek!

In Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp, by designer John Gibson, you are the director of the Department of Plague Control (DPC) field office in New York City. You make the decisions about what parts of the virus to study, which personnel to hire, and what equipment to purchase. You’ll soon discover you are working with an eccentric group of scientists who don’t always work well together—and one very resourceful lab rat named Marvin. As the casualties increase, so does the stress and mistakes made, as you try to complete your vaccine before time runs out for all of mankind!

This strategy game uses simple mechanics in a multitude of combinations to create engaging, deep gameplay as you try to eliminate an evolving virus that could spell the end of the human race. While random events from the Status Report cards might throw a wrench in your plans (or occasionally help you out), you’ll use the Lab Personnel and Equipment cards you’ve hired to piece together randomly generated proteins into the different parts of a vaccine, all while managing dwindling funding resources as the Death Toll Track climbs. Each time that your Containment roll fails you come one step closer to losing this battle, so make sure that you push everyone to their limits before the infection reaches critical levels.

The boxed game can be purchased directly from Victory Point Games here:


Large Screen (iPad / PC / Mac / Android Tablets)

Default View

This is the view the player will have when they start their turn. The readouts on either side of the board will show a slew of information about their progress towards a cure or to extinction.
The various coloured microbes inside the lettered hexes show the types of proteins needed to kill that type of molecule. With the proteins the player will use situated below this.

AV View

The main interaction on Large-Screen platforms will happen around the edge of the main virus board. In this image you can see the Anti-viral menu is open. Players will be able to rotate the list of molecules (A-K) to bring others into focus, with those molecules morphing from minimised representations to structural diagrams.

Lab View

The lab view houses the players special abilities, derived from the equipment they purchase and the personnel they hire. As with the AV view, this list rotates around the edge of the board. The item in the 9 o’clock position is considered in-focus and the game will give the player more information about that Lab item.

Lab and AV View

On Large-Screen platforms, should players want to, they will be able to have both the Lab and AV views open at the same time, to better view all the options available to them.

Mobile (iPhone / Android Phones)

Default View

As with Large-Screen platforms, the default view on mobile shows extra information about the players progress, through various data visualisations.

Mobile AV View

Swiping in from the right of the screen on mobile will open the AV view through which they can create Anti-viral compounds to eliminate the various molecule types. The two highlighted C molecules in this image have changed to show that the player has completed the C anti-viral and can therefore kill that molecule type.

Mobile Lab View

Swiping in from the left of the screen will open the players Lab View. Like the Large-Screen versions of the game, this allows the player access to the special abilities their personnel and equipment give them.

Mobile Funding View

Killing the various molecules on the board will award the player with varying amounts of funding. The $ button at the side of the virus view will allow the player to toggle on an interface that will show the amount of funding they will receive for a successful kill. This view is also available on Large-Screen platforms.

We'd love to hear what you think so far

Also if anyone is interested in beta testing and being one of the first to try out the game you can join the Hunted Cow newsletter using the link below and also follow us on Twitter (@HuntedCow).



~ The Hunted Cow Team

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This looks awesome! Definitely interested in beta testing!