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Air Race Speed (QubicGames)

10-02-2014, 04:29 AM
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Air Race Speed (by QubicGames)

Hi there, I'm Mikael Bourget, member of QubicGames, a 12 men video games studio based in Poland.

Let me introduce you our latest adrenaline-fueled entry into iOS App Store!

Take the Challenge of Speed!

The futuristic racing game Air Race Speed is the brand new title of an already established franchise of Nintendo DS and 3DS, now and for the first time available on previous and newest generations of iPhone and iPad for $3.99, 3,59€ and 2.49.

Air Race Speed is an extremely fast and immersive solo racing game where players pilot the most powerful spaceships through 35 futuristic tracks featuring challenging tunnels, spectacular halls and hidden shortcuts.

After the positive feedback we received from the Nintendo 3DS community for the previous games of the franchise, we are delighted to bring this new title for the first time to iOS devices, with HD graphics as well as new play modes, jets and tracks.

Users are guaranteed to discover a brand new gaming experience and an exciting opportunity to score high on leaderboards and challenge their friends through the Game Center.

The game is available in 8 languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Key Features:

• 35 stunning tracks full of obstacles and shortcuts
• Smooth controls: tilt or touch screen
• 9 high-speed jets powered with advanced technology
• Skills challenging and intense gaming experience
• Epic graphics and top-notch soundtrack
• Tons of fun with 3 play modes: Time trial, Endless and Rings
• Rank up in the leaderboards, challenge your friends

Official blog of Air Race Speed: http://www.airracespeed.com

About the development studio QubicGames
Located in Warsaw, Poland, QubicGames is an independent development studio with over a decade of experience in creating games on console, handheld and mobile devices. QubicGames have successfully released over 10 games including the successful and critically acclaimed AiRace franchise. For more information about QubicGames, visit the official site: http://www.qubicgames.com

Air Race Speed is available since Thursday last week and I have already received a lot of positive feedback from reviewers and gamers, including 3 people from the Touch Arcade community (who got free codes thanks to a giveaway):

Originally Posted by dreadnok View Post
Took TFWNLWPL9L9H sorry was busy crashing..... A lot but I really like it a lot, great that you have a lot of control and you even threw in the option for left handed people, it's a good racer and great music with really good visuals that had me turning my body to avoid objects.
All in all a great game that makes me wish apple didn't block reviews from promo codes or I would definitely gave it at least a .........4 out of five good job
Originally Posted by ramzarules View Post
So, impressions as promised, after playing the 7 first tracks, with 3 ships.

The good :
+fantastic graphics and sense of speed, even on my iphone 4s
+nice ship designs, especially ships 5-9
+content, with 37 tracks and endless mode
+it has touch controls, i hate racers that have tilt-only
The ok : the music was ok, generic futuristic racer music

And now to The suggestions : (i hope you take this into account for an update)

1) the many obstacles, especially those in the middle of the track ruin the "flow" of the speeding racer game too often. It feels great to take turns and avoid obstacles left and right with speed, but then you just smack in the middle and stop... I hope you understand this the way i describe it. If we could have tracks that allow us to speed and take neat turns, without smacking a beam in the middle and stopping the flow, it'd be great!
2) the track design : it is very colorful, and futuristic, - but only when you can see some open space. Most of the time you are inside a tunnel, so you just see tunnel walls. This feels a bit of a shame, because when you come across a -very rare- open space, ie. the space station rings in track 6, it looks Amazing!
3) the touch controls i feel need sensitivity option (i would like the ship to respond/turn more.

To sum it up, if you could give us tracks in open spaces, showcasing your design talent and the graphics, with no "flow-stopping" obstacles and sensitivity options, it would be perfect! Right now, with the middle obstacles and the tunnel designs, i feel you are holding back your own game! Let it breathe, and let us speed!

Apologies for the long text, but i took the time to post all this, because i REALLY want to see this game achieve all it can be : a racer with an amazing sense of speed, with fantastic futuristic open tracks, letting you speed and flow left and right in a great racing experience!
Originally Posted by Lavender View Post
Usually it is the hubby who likes this genre more then I, but.... I am converted!
I really am enjoying it so far.

I am so so busy right now and overcoming something. So... I will be back soon with more detailed feedback.

But so far... there are different levels and a bonus level which can be considered more like 'free play.'
You can also earn better ships. Nice graphics.

Se ya later!! ��
I will be very happy to read your comments, get your feedback, answer all your questions, and give you any update from our developers' side.

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10-03-2014, 05:46 AM
If you have some questions about the process of making the levels or graphics - feel free to ask, I'll do my best to share some details

(Ships for Air Race Speed modelled by Mikołaj Fabjański and textured by Piotr Pest Pigłas )

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10-03-2014, 07:23 AM
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hi QubicGames guys!

normally I don't write replies to any thread, but after seeing people had taken the promotional codes that you posted and didn't write back to you, I feel deep sympathy for you guys and offer you my thoughts instead

and no.. I didn't take any of the codes you posted

first of all, I'd like to congratulate you guys for making an AWESOME game! I really like it and can't stop playing it once I'm absorbed into challenging myself to earn three stars on every level. I had a certain expectation on what to expect for a racing game in iOS, but Air Race Speed just set my bar even higher.

I'll try to sum up my comments in bullet points, just to make it a bit concise

What I like:
  • + the sense of speed in this game. it's amazing how you guys can achieve stable high frame rate. I never experienced dropped frame rate so far (in iPad mini retina, that is)
  • + sensitive tilt control that recalibrates automatically every time I start over. saved me from the hassle of recalibrating it again and again
  • + great balance between open space and tunnel section. this creates racing pace variation within my race against the clock
  • + non linear course that branches here and there

What I think you guys could improve:
  • - I experienced a bug a few times where my plane could fly through the bottom section of a tunnel. this happened near a pillar that pounces down repeatedly at the middle of tunnel section (I had it on two different levels, both near a pillar)
  • - I'd love to have a HUD display for horizontal line. at least to make sure my plane is perfectly level and I'm flying straight
  • - could you add rivals during race? or at least provide ghost mode where I can challenge a shadow from my best time (or even other players', if possible)

I write game reviews for a living, and yours is among the others that my job simply exciting
10-03-2014, 08:06 AM
Thank you!

As for the ghost rivals, I don't now what's the official stance on this. Mikael would know. I proposed the feature earlier, but there were unsolved design problems. Like this: what should happen when you crash? Should the ghost 'wait' in the same position? Or you have to chase it... but you have little chance once you crash several times, because the tunnels are tricky. Opponent planes in our ealier game (AiRace, 2009), like in almost every fair racing game, slowed down until you saw them again

About this issue with being pushed through the tunnel wall by the hammer. I heard it happened in our testing. Only once, but still, you confirmed it. Important: Was the entire jet pushed - so you could fly in the empty space? Or just camera was pushed?

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10-03-2014, 08:34 AM
How a level changed with time:

Any Blender 3D users here? That's how alien tracks were done:
http:// oskarswierad.com/maxi/RacerToolkitGUI.png

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10-05-2014, 11:20 PM
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The bug made the entire plane pushed down to a blank empty space where I could fly aimlessly. I could see an open area ahead, though. When I directed my plane toward the open area, it crashed to the wall surrounding it.

I respawned to the nearest checkpoint after that..
10-06-2014, 02:26 AM
OK, thanks.
10-20-2014, 06:59 AM
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Thanks a lot for all the good words qbeecle!! Greatly appreciated.

Originally Posted by qbeecle View Post
hi QubicGames guys!
[*]- could you add rivals during race? or at least provide ghost mode where I can challenge a shadow from my best time (or even other players', if possible)[/LIST]
Regarding this point, like Oskar said, it is a matter that brings different questions to find answer to. We would like to have this implemented but firstly we want to see how the game is doing without that feature.