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App description: PaperNauts, the Game YOU invented when you were just a kid is now on iOS!

Play hours on end with your paper ships! And be careful with the incoming cardboard asteroids D:

Guess what?! Everything you see and play with in PaperNauts was 100% genuinely HAND-MADE by us for you. (Yeah, coloured paper, scissors, cardboard, the foamy thing, yarn the works.)

The best thing is you ALREADY know how to play this game. In case you don't, it's quite simple to get:

Tilt your iPhone or iPad sideways to steer and

Tap to shoot!

Keep an eye on your trigger; you won't run out of bullets but your spaceship will have to cool-down if you fire like crazy.

Now that you know all this, you must ask yourself this question:


(Of course you are!)

PaperNauts has its own cool LeaderBoard so we can give out amazing surprises like:

A "Make-A-Ship-With-Us" adventure to bring your dream ship to life and in the actual game,

The original hand-crafted space ships featured in PaperNauts,

Cool collage wallpapers for your device.

So that means that (if you wanna rank in the LeaderBoard) we'll ask for an email or twitter name so we can get in touch with you in case you win. We will never, EVER send you spam or anything we wouldn't like to get in our own mailboxes. Cause, you know, we love ya :)

- - - - - - - - -

PaperNauts was created as our first OneWeekChallenge, here at HaiKuSTUDIO. 7 days to make a simple idea we all know and love come back to life. We believe that great things can be done in a short time so we would like to challenge other studios and single creators to join us on upcoming OneWeekChallenges. Just take a week to build something from scratch and put it out there for the world to play and enjoy. If you want to join us on this fun endeavour, just go to your network thingies and use the hashtag #OneWeekChallenge.

If you want to know more about HaiKuSTUDIO and PaperNauts, just look us up on facebook (/HaiKuSTUDIOgames) and twitter (@HaiKuSTUDIO).

Thank you!

(Warning: Playing PaperNauts may very well make you instantly cool.)
10-02-2014, 05:40 PM
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I love the look of this, also like the idea of little prizes based on the leaderboard. I'm gonna pick this up in morning.

Have had chance to play a little this morning, I love the quirky japenese style and feel, the music is great, however, a tutorial or clearer instructions are needed, you control a crane type object which I was hitting into the buttons etc that came towards me thinking that would destroy them, turns out you need to tap to shoot while tilting to avoid them, you can't just shoot silly billy though as you have an energy bar which depletes with each shot and replenishes while not in use.
The prize system sounds interesting and I'm currently third on the board. While the game isn't anything new and this mechanic is used in many other games, the handmade graphics make it feel fresh and there's worse things to spend 69p on.

I should add the instructions on how to play are clear in the appinfo but I never read that before playing.

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