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App description: Simulator of the life of the hobo.

Get drunk and achieve the maximum popularity!
Search for coins on the streets, wash cars, fight other hobos, rob strangers and banks!
Open your office or start your own startup!
Make the most money in the shortest time! Compete with your friends!

Almost every event in this game happens randomly.
Every move equals one day. Every day your health, happiness and satiety decrease.
If your health, happiness or satiety will drop to zero, you have 7 days to improve the situation, otherwise you will die.
Every year you will celebrate your birthday and get presents.
Every day you have a chance to find empty bottles and then sell them.

Sooner or later your hobo will die from old age. To avoid that, you can buy an immortality pill. Note that it DOES NOT protect you from dying from hunger, sickness, unhappiness or poverty.

If you play this game on the iPhone, the menu is opened by swiping right. You can also switch categories using two-finger vertical scrolling.

You can backup your game using iTunes file sharing.
10-07-2014, 12:11 PM
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This sounds exactly like the homeless simulator I played a few weeks ago. Almost word for word. I'll give it a try anyway and report back

Edit. My verdict: it seems just the same as homeless simulator but with different graphics so instead of text for the menus there's little pics which is just confusing. Deleted, if your interested if get the homeless one that came first as it's easier to understand.

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