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App description: [Game Story]
RF Online is SF MMO RPG which set in a galaxy called Novus.
Calsses of RF Online are Mechanic, Shamanism, and Steampunk unlikely Swordsman and Sorcerers in another general Middle Ages Fantasy RPGs. The Holy Alliance Cora, a spiritual civilization with a firm belief in religion and the magical arts, the Accretia Empire a civilization of mechanised units with a materialistic thinking, and the Bellato Union the civilization with utilise machines and some magic in their culture are waiting you in Novus.
Download RF Online now and dominate the whole galaxy Novus!

[About Game]
Leveling your character by accomplishing one-touch quests easily!
Make friends and gift AP Charging Kit to your friends!
Hire your friends as your Squad members and get more resources!
You can get up to 1,440 Gears by accomplishing 122 missions!
Real game play starts from the max lv.! Be the best warrior of the real time PvP!
Contribute the point to your Tribe by attending the Mine War once a day!
Communicate with another players on Plaza!
Make a corps and dominate another corps territories while they are sleeping!
Accomplish the quests by moving all the fields!
Attending the Raid Missions with another players!
Desiring by corps and tribes to deal nature disasters at the territories of opponent!
Develop your territories to protect from opponents attack!
Create your own strong items through modify and break limits your gears!
Test your ability by accomplishing Subjugation Mission!
Develop your battle skills to become stronger!

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10-11-2014, 04:41 PM
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Thought this was the old mmorpg game off PC, also called RF online