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PC games on IOS.

10-14-2014, 02:01 PM
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PC games on IOS.

For some time I've had a huge problem with PC elitists telling me that game developers can't port games like goat simulator(which is obviously on IOS now) and happy wheels (coming to IOS). Which is pretty annoying because it is actually obvious that you could. All it takes is a little patience. So what I have to say is, when minecraft was released on PC it didn't have all the things it has now, same goes for minecraft on IOS. So people always complain about how IOS isn't exactly like the PC version. Of course it isn't exactly like the PC game, it probably will never be exactly like the PC version. It's on a different type of gaming device. It makes sense that it would be different. First of all. It's a Mobile device, compared to a a computer. The controls are never going to be the same. But the gameplay is still the same.its like those Nazi Zombies games on IOS. A lot of console and PC elitist had a problem with the controls and how the game was set up. Yet people still buy those games to this day. It's kinda funny, I actually do better on the Ios version of black ops than I do on the console version. Maybe that just me. But I think there is a lot of open market for PC devs on the IOS. Especially when the PC games that have already been released to IOS are so popular. Look at turbo dismount and goat simulator for the best examples. Those are two well made PC games. That have been ported to IOS, and they have made a hell of a lot of money. I like Turbo Dismount's approach to releasing their game. For free, but then if you want to play the other levels it's only an extra 7 dollars. Which is cheaper than the PC version. PC would be 10 dollars for the full game same goes with goat simulator. It's only 5 dollars. It might not have as much stuff. But it's half as much money as the PC version. And just as much fun. Also, if you have a Smartphone and you complain about how developers release game that are fairly expensive on IOS, than you sir are a whiner. Because, when one has a $200+ phone. One should not complain about spending 5 dollars on a game.

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10-15-2014, 11:36 AM
There are barriers:

- No phone equals the power of a good PC or Mac. (Goat Simulator on my Mac is a whole other thing compared to the iOS version, which I'm sure is still fun but doesn't have all the same content.)

- Some people prefer a bigger screen--and complex controls like mouse and keyboard--when it comes to the most complex games.

- As you say, people expect to pay less.

NONE of these are deal-breakers! Mobile devices are getting faster, polycounts do not a fun game make, the market is growing, and new control methods have been devised.

So while smaller games are most likely to appear (much easier/lower risk to create), I believe we'll see more and more full console-level titles.


(And a number of RTS and TBS games, although I forget which ones are on the scale of a console or PC/Mac title. Battle for Wesnoth I suppose.)

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10-16-2014, 03:06 AM
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At least on the PC you have an Enter key to break up a huge huge paragraph into smaller ones

I havent got a problem with PC people moaning about mobile games, i cant spend a long time on a PC so mobile gaming is ideal for me.

I do agree that its funny when people spend $300-600 on an iOS device and then moan or wait for 28 reviews from people when they decide whether to buy a $1.99 app or not !