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"This will be a game I keep on my device for a long time to come, and will play and replay many times over just for the sheer fun of it all. - TouchArcade, Game of the Week Award

Hail to the King: Deathbat, a game that pushes the limits of mobile gaming and feels almost like a console game." - Kotaku Review

Provides an unrivaled experience on the iOS format... 8.5/10" - Arcade Sushi Review

"One of the things I look at closely in any game, is the amount of visual variety it has to offer. Hail to the King: Deathbat, delivers on this accord, quite well... really one of the more intriguing visual experiences Ive had with a mobile game in quite some time. The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal in this game. 4.4/5" - PocketMeta Review


App Description:

From the minds of Avenged Sevenfold comes Hail to the King: Deathbat.

Deathbat is a 3rd person, overhead dungeon crawler action RPG in the vein of The Legend of Zelda, Gauntlet Legends, and Diablo. The games story is based on the mythical origin of the Deathbat, Avenged Sevenfolds logo and mascot. The games design is not for the faint of heart as players will need to traverse massive levels, combat skillful undead, and best unforgiving bosses. The epic story follows Andronikos, the resurrected King of the Underworld and the embodiment of the Deathbat, who is tasked with reclaiming the lands of Haides from the despotic Dark Andronikos. Along the way youll mix and match brutal melee combat with projectile magic attacks battling through beautifully designed and hellish landscapes inspired by the bands iconic discography and artwork. Interact with characters along the way to solve puzzles and unlock the mysteries of Moros Island.

Hail to the King: Deathbat features classic Avenged Sevenfold tracks along with a new and original score, composed by the band in the immortal tradition of 8-bit masterpieces like Castlevania.

-Game tells the fictional origin story of the Deathbat
-Play through levels inspired by Avenged Sevenfolds catalog
-Play as members of the band (available as in-app purchases)
-Features an original score, written by Avenged Sevenfold for the game
-No must-purchase upgrades; Price of game includes everything necessary to beat game
-7 new paintings by artist Cam Rackam
-14 pieces of never-before seen artwork intended for use in earlier albums
-Jimmy The Rev Sullivan plays an integral part in the storyline and can be unlocked
-Rich, immersive storyline that will appeal to gamers and fans of the band alike
-Interact with non-playable characters to learn about and solve the mysteries of the island
-Unlock new weapons and magical abilities to defeat enemy hoards and difficult bosses
-10-12 hours of gameplay
-Additional Nightmare Mode for those who are able to beat the regular game (adds an additional 10-12 hours of gameplay)

Localized in 9 languages: Spanish, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Arabic

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PeteOzzy's comments:

10-15-2014, 05:05 AM
Joined: May 2010
Location: Deepest Circle, Hell
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I've been fortunate enough to have been playing this for a while now, so yep...wall of text incoming!

Don't expect a perma-death dungeon crawler. Right off the bat (hah!), it isn't one. It's a massive hack 'n' slash adventure...and a great one at that.

Let's just get the "not-so-great" out of the way: The hacking and slashing is just...alright. It's not really more complicated than holding the attack button down and is generally not satisfying as your weapon feels like it's weightless. Not only that, but the magic system doesn't have any lock-on system, so if you're not aligned with your enemy PERFECTLY, you'll be wasting a ton of magic. That was basically my first 5 minutes PLAYING the game. The massively long, awesome intro video that brings you up to speed (written by none other than A7X's own M. Shadows) had me by the throat but the fighting didn't live up to my expectations...I didn't know what to think. Was I to immediately label the game "janky", as the TA boys say? Persevere did I, and I'm glad I did...because the fighting (although a massive part of the game) was the last thing I cared about.

What am I on about? Hail to the King: Deathbat is not only the perfect complement to Avenged Sevenfold's music (I'm NOT implying it only caters to fans of the band), but a love letter to...gaming. It feels like a bunch of dudes who love playing games...made a game. That'll become more clear as you read on.

Deathbat doesn't feel like it's from this day and age. The first thing that came to mind was this would have felt perfectly at home as a late PSX or early PS2 title. It kinda reminds me of the Legacy of Kain games, which didn't really have the most solid gameplay (nostalgia aside, try and play them now), but were classics that you couldn't put down. The FMVs also remind me of those days of old. Like in those games, the story is a HUGE part of the game.

Now, Where the fighting isn't so great...the level design (which M. Shadows was also involved with) is damn great! This isn't a bite-sized mobile game. What you have instead are massive, varied, beautiful levels with tons and tons of enemies and environmental hazards that drive home the fact that, yes...this frickin' game is HARD! Other than the hack 'n' slash elements, you collect coins to buy better weapons and if you chose so, can find 3 Deathbats in each level. Yes...EXPLORATION! That in turn unlocks a bonus level (this is entirely optional and isn't your typical "3-star" mobile fad). As if I wasn't already having fun with the game, the first bonus level had me laughing my ass off. The first minute is literally an on-rail shooter. You're falling through space, listening to "The Wicked End", blasting at a troll with your magic. Once you land, what follows is basically you chasing around said troll (much like in Golden Axe) trying to beat heaps and heaps of coins out of him. It's little touches like this that make the game a blast to play.

Know What else is super-cool? Their late drummer, The Rev is your guardian in the game. Not only is it a loving tribute, you actually collect 14 pieces of artwork throughout the game for him. I'm not entirely sure what both The Rev does and collecting the art does in the end, but Rev says it'll make him more powerful. I'm really, really interested to see where this goes.

This thing is starting to really get massive, so I think I'll START to wrap things up. There are 6 levels (each named and themed after an Avenged Sevenfold song), each potentially taking 45 minutes to complete. Yeah...the game's pretty frickin' lengthy. The music in-game consists of 2 "types". 1) Hard to explain, but basically versions of classic A7X that are video-gamey...like a combination of stripped down, calm, moody and almost epic and orchestral and 2) Instrumental bits and pieces of songs (such as the beginning of "Unholy Confessions" for some of the boss fights). The app clocks in at around 600 MB to download and 900 MB expanded...aaaaaand, the elephant in the room? Well, let's dedicate a paragraph to that on its own.

Yes, the game has In-App Purchases. Now, before you go flailing your arms in the air, let it be known that the ONLY IAPs are to buy the members of A7X as playable characters. If you've been following coverage of the game, you'll know that you could play through this entire thing without even realizing it "belongs" to a band. I personally bought M. Shadows to see what would happen. Even doing so, the game's vidoes and whatever did not change...everything still refers to Andronikos (the main character) as...the main character. YOU DON'T NEED TO SPEND AN ADDITIONAL PENNY ON THE GAME. However (grins), if you doooooo...you'll basically be ruining the game for yourself, since the members of A7X are over-powered and basically reduce enemies to rubble the moment you touch them. Yes, that means that you're basically eliminating the need to collect coins, buy weapons, so on and so forth. I bet you're sitting there pounding your knuckles by now...so here you go: 5 members of Avenged Sevendfold, $2 each and yes...they all have their own stats and personal weapon. I know, I know...this is the part where you start flailing your arms in air! Look, before this ends up in another "content hidden behind paywalls" argument like the EPOCH. 2 and Godfire threads, while yes...the weapons LOOK different, they're not unique...upgrading your shit leaves you just as powerful as buying one of the members of A7X. Look, if you're a fan of the band just throw a couple of extra dollars into the game and buy whomever you dig the most...or hell, buy them all...but if you're not, you're not missing ANYTHING. Hell, just play the frickin' game and you'll be fine! *sigh* I'm trying to convince you (yes, YOU!), but I know some guys aren't gonna accept this whatsoever...so yeah, your problem. This really shouldn't even be an issue.

Had enough of my rambling? YAY! Alright...now that you've read this, you pretty much know the A-M (yeah, roughly half ) of what you're getting into if you buy Hail to the King: Deathbat. It's just a massive, fun, polished game, with pros that soooooo outweigh its cons, that caters both to fans of the band (in no way, shape or form is this an Avenged Sevenfold cash-in...but rather a celebration of the band, its/their history and all of us fans) and gamers who love games. Highly recommended.

Everyone's favorite chamber of death, doom and decomposition.

10-15-2014, 05:30 AM
Joined: Jan 2011
Location: England
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^Thanks for that

Sounds like a good game, actually wished it had nothing to do with a band itself and was just a' hack n slash' but i suppose i can just try to ignore that. Got no interest in the music/band themselves but from the graphics it looks a decent game.

Just watched the trailer, does look great

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10-15-2014, 05:32 AM
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@metalcasket OMG!!! Fantastic review! So I'm assuming that the soundtrack is amazing? You described it so well but does it work really well with the game play and do you like it? I'm assuming I'm going to want to play this with headphones.

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10-15-2014, 05:33 AM
Joined: May 2013
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Holy, thanks for the deep insights, metal!
I'll get it for sure! A new dungeon crawler is always welcome on any of my devices!
10-15-2014, 05:35 AM
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Can someone call in me from around middle-school age? He'd sure loved to see this

Thanks for the imps Metalcasket. This game actually sounds like this would be worth checking out (and some pretty decent fanservice)
10-15-2014, 06:08 AM
Joined: Nov 2012
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best game today
10-15-2014, 06:12 AM
Joined: Nov 2009
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This was the expression of my excitement. Instabuy. I ❤️ Avenged Sevenfold.

Hi, you seemed to be lost on the Internets.
This is TouchArcade, where 2$ for a game is too much, 5$ is an outrage, and 10$ or more is putting sugar in their car tanks whilst killing puppies.

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10-15-2014, 06:15 AM
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So theres lots of missions, is it linear or can you do any mission in any order etc ? Instant purchase for me later, just trying to figure out if this is my 'new' Dungeon Hunter style game !
10-15-2014, 06:33 AM
Joined: May 2010
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Originally Posted by psj3809 View Post
... wished it had nothing to do with a band itself and was just a' hack n slash' but i suppose i can just try to ignore that.
My dear psj... I love moments like these where I find myself grinding my teeth at some of your comments. The game has nothing to do with the band and is just a hack 'n' slash...if you want it to be one. Even the music has been transformed enough to make it appeal to everyone. That said, if A7X wasn't a part of this project...it wouldn't even exist. Like I said, M. Shadows (the vocalist) played a HUGE role in the development of this game.

Originally Posted by coolpepper43 View Post
So I'm assuming that the soundtrack is amazing? You described it so well but does it work really well with the game play and do you like it?
Yeah, I really dig the soundtrack. The instrumental version of Unholy Confessions does initially seem out of place as it just suddenly pops out of nowhere, but you get used to it since those battles also do pop out of nowhere . The rest of the soundtrack is incredible since the game world's so colorful and quirky and the music is like the more "theatrical" side of A7X (think of "A Little Piece of Heaven") and just fits like a glove.

Everyone's favorite chamber of death, doom and decomposition.