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[FREE] Heroes of Deneos

10-27-2014, 07:42 PM
[FREE] Heroes of Deneos

Heroes of Deneos is the latest release from the Mighty Dragon Studios available on Android market and other platforms. An truly engaging Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game where the Player will lead a group of brave heroes through many adventures across the fantasy world. Fighting monsters, gathering treasures and exploring depths of the forsaken dungeons are few of the many options you can choose to do. With four races and five classes available to play with you will compose unique team of adventurers and build your own strategy to win in many, many battles.

In the world of Heroes of Deneos every choice really matters. Each of the classes has a specific range of abilities which can make it or break it for your team. As you explore and fight your way through the multiple quests your company of heroes will level up and it will be up to you to lead their development to better suit the needs of your team. The possibilities are endless!

HoD (Heroes of Deneos) offers both Player vs Environment and Player vs Player gameplay. You will be able to explore the dungeons full of AI controlled monsters or face a team of other heroes led by someone across the globe. The game is adapting the good old Turn-Based gameplay into the mobile world without losing any of the complexity or engagement that drawn players to that genre of games.

Heroes of Deneos on Google's Play Store: LINK

Heroes of Deneos is free to play just like all of our games. We are proudly supporting the shareware format and believe that once a player is introduced to the family of our games they will stay for good to become a valuable member of our community.

***The game requires internet connection to play***

Mighty Dragon Studios: Delivering you the finest from the Turn-Based entertainment!
10-31-2014, 08:54 AM
This monstrous individual will make an appearance in our games for the upcoming Halloween event including the realm of Heroes of Deneos. Trick or treat anyone...?

Mighty Dragon Studios: Delivering you the finest from the Turn-Based entertainment!