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On-rails Side-scroller, 3D Arcade Runner Fatcat Rush (Universal) $.99 > Free

11-02-2014, 02:26 AM
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On-rails Side-scroller, 3D Arcade Runner Fatcat Rush (Universal) $.99 > Free


You'll control Tombo's jumps as the game automatically propels him along. You can also slide using a button on the far right which will let you kick barrels open to reveal food, but beyond that the game keeps it pretty simple as far as controls go (and they are very accurate, which is lovely.) Both buttons can be combined for a long jump, which you will certainly need as you go plowing through the later levels in search of hamburgers, sushi and whatever other weird stuff you apparently order every week. What the hell is a ketchup lollipop, anyway? Gross!

Fatcat Rush is lovely to look at and fun to play, and I have a feeling that it'll capture a lot of attention, especially at such a reasonable price. I think it could have benefitted from online leaderboards since it's clearly a score-oriented title, but it ought to still provide plenty of solid on-the-go action regardless. And let's face it -- watching Tombo hurl his fat body around trying to capture foodstuffs is kind of great in itself. Fat cats are always the best.

With bright colors, cute music, fun sound effects and an adorable cat who runs around eating a mountain of snacks while shouting “Bonzai,” FatCat Rush is a recipe for fun.

All in all, FatCat Rush is a cute game, with bright and engaging graphics, great music, cute sound effects and just plain fun gameplay. With easy controls and a simple learning curve, FatCat Rush is great for everyone in the house.

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11-04-2014, 01:30 AM
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Ha ... I bought this when it launched years ago. It's still on my phone now. Great auto runner with some nice scoring mechanics... Definitely recommended!

**edit**, so ... Just had another go, and I dunno when the game got buggy, but it wasn't like this last time I played. The UI is moved in (like on a 3.5 inch screen), and the framerate is pretty horrid...

Iphone 5, iOS 7.1.2

It didn't play this bad on my 4th gen touch... Dunno what's up with it.

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11-04-2014, 06:58 AM
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