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Short Take - Words with Friends

09-08-2009, 01:05 AM
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Short Take - Words with Friends

(Correction Note: ian1969uk points out that the board size is the same as Scrabble 15 x 15, I am making amendments to it. Sorry for the mistake made)

Multi-player word games are relatively new to iPhone. Words with Friends plays like the world famous Scrabble, but accommodates only 2 players and the board has the same size (15x15) but with less bonus tiles.

This does not make the game less fun. The UI is simple and practical. The game checks automatically if your move is valid but there is no limit of how many move you made before submitting a turn. The game management screen helps you to locate players and keep track of your games easily. Apart from playing over wireless network, the game also features "hot seat" play, where the same device can be passed to another player after a move.

However, after playing for 50+ games, I find the game not accepting all Scrabble words. Also, there are occasional freeze when I drag and place tile. However, your move will be waiting and restarting the app always solves the case. Moreover, the "hot seat" user interface should add a cover screen so that the tiles of one player cannot be easily view by the other.

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