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Pulsar Galaxy's Brain Master Play with your teacher )

09-08-2009, 12:19 PM
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Pulsar Galaxy's Brain Master Play with your teacher )

Pulsar Galaxy's Brain Master

As it has been told earlier new ambitious developer has entered iPhone games market – “Pulsar-Galaxy” studio added to Apple Store two new games at once. About The first one - a space arcade “CosmoBomber” you can find in this thread , while the other is a puzzle game “Brain Master” that is going to – according to its creators’ promises – become a hard nut to crack even for the highbrows.

The second game by “Pulsar-Galaxy” has nothing to do with dynamic “CosmoBomber” and will rather attract those who are fond of thinking. The goal of the “Brain Master” game is to drive the ball into the hole on the playing field. The ball can be moved only by your finger using the phone’s touch screen. But unlike its real prototype, the ball does not roll freely; it can only be moved in four directions: upwards, downwards, to the right and to the left; it also jumps back when bumps into any object on the field. Pushing the ball using a certain algorithm different for each level, your will finally reach the goal.

When you get to higher levels, the number and also the quality of the objects will change: there will be teleports, pointers that allow moving only in one direction, and so on. On the last level even the one with several Ph.Ds will have to really rack his brains.

The game also has its plot – you are going to have your course under the supervision of a sexy brunette (your teacher), while each next level is a new lesson. Only the most persistent will get to the finish and learn finally how to drive the ball into the hole.

Promo video


- 35 unique lessons. Be careful or they will fry your brains
- Very beautiful and clever teacher
- 9 types of obstacles
- You can listen music from play list while playing the game
- Addictive gameplay

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