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App description: Mankind has left the Earth behind and fled in thousands of vessels bound for the stars. You are tasked with managing one of these Generation Ships, and securing a future for the human race.

- Generation Ship simulates the lives of colonists who work, sleep and relax.
- Even when you are not playing the game, they are working and ageing
- Build up your ship over time and fill it with more colonists
- Discover mysterious objects lying in deep space with your probes

Generation Ship is free to play, supported with the occasional advertisement. For a one-time purchase you can upgrade the game to remove these and unlock extra features.

Boardumb's comments:

11-13-2014, 08:49 AM
Lots of games this time. I got four of em anyway, this one looked interesting.... I've been trying to play it... There's just a huge problem I can't get the rooms to move! I build a room and I can't get it to slide over EVER. I tried for ten minutes to slide over my music room. I don't know what I did. Maybe I'm supposed to buy something else for the middle? I had a helluva time moving my bridge over and my engine room over too! It's like it doesn't register the drag.... I just thought of something now though. Ima go try it and I'll get back...so far this is interesting, I just am stuck trying to move the darn rooms

Edit: Okay, so I'm a doorknob. By reading the instructions I see you have to add anchors to attach the rooms too lol. Did it! I also purchased the premium game. It's so far ok, it's kinda like that one space game where you do the exact same thing....Star Command!!!! I kinda am worried I just bought another game just like that one cause that one got boring pretty darned fast! I see this one heading that way already, I almost got all the rooms and etc and I've been playing for ten minutes..... Does more open up? I'll let ha guys know!

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11-13-2014, 01:38 PM
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Been playing this for a bit today, after being attracted by the theme. It's got a really evocative mood that reminds me of Out There, largely due to the really strong ambient music and sound design. The graphics are adequate but unremarkable. The interface for customizing your ship is kind of abominable, although now that I've worked it out I can do more or less what I want to. The S.H.O.P. only lists room unlocks up to ship level 5, which I am working on now; level 5 unlocks a research lab that I am hoping opens up the game a bit, otherwise it may end up feeling pretty shallow. It's kind of like Tiny Tower in a way - your crew all have aptitudes towards different shipboard tasks, along with a dream job.

The basic flow of the game involves getting coins by completing objectives, probing interstellar objects, "mining starcoins", doing a minigame that's basically Minesweeper, or watching ads. Coins are spent to revive additional crew (raising the level of your ship as you reach various crew milestones) and expand your ship.

Game is free to download, and ad-supported. Video ads can be watched on demand to get additional starcoins, and still ads appear whenever you switch to the app. It's a pretty unobtrusive model, all told. You can upgrade to Premium to "remove ads on loading the game", "apply customisations to colonists" and "contribute to the development of this game and others to come!" for a cost of USD$2.99.
11-15-2014, 02:30 AM
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This game has in my opinion a rather glaring exploit.

You have a navigation bridge where you steer the ship towards interstellar objects. You then launch probes to get 50 gold off that object.

The exploit is this : There doesn't appear to be a limit of how many probes you can send out for these.

Once the object comes within 5.0 AU range you can just keep sending out these probes to your hearts content. Just click to send out probe , click OK then send out another probe.

I've seriously been able to make over 1600 gold per time an interstellar object comes in range. The games economy is no way balanced towards earning that much gold in such a short time.
11-16-2014, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by bluspacecow View Post
The exploit is this : There doesn't appear to be a limit of how many probes you can send out for these.
Yeah, I sent the developer an email about that when I realized what was happening there. He said there will probably be a fix for it soon.