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App description: The Zombien menace has, mostly unintentionally, descended upon the Rooster Teeth studio. It's up to you and the RT cast members to survive their onslaught.

After an Unidentified Flying Object becomes an Identified Grounded Object (it's a space ship) right in the heart of the Rooster Teeth studio, legions of zombie aliens (Zombiens) start coming out of the woodwork and get all hostile up in the studio. It's up to you, as one of six playable characters, to find and team up with the Rooster Teeth cast members to survive what will one day be known as the Rise of the Zombiens. For as long as possible, at least.

In this action/strategy game, you will have to survive in the studio amidst a variety of randomized circumstances: random supporting party members (chosen from eight Rooster Teeth cast members in the game, each with their own unique VO), random weapons, random zombien waves, random crafting materials, and more. You never know what you're going to get when you set foot in the studio, but you're going to have to make the best of what you're given.

To survive, you're going to have to get weapons from Weapon Dispensers, build traps, construct defenses, and stay on the move so the Zombiens don't corner you and devour your innards.

8 Different Rooster Teeth Cast Members, totaling over a thousand lines of unique VO.
25 Different Weapons.
10 Different Traps that you can construct to prolong your life.
Randomized level contents: weapons, materials, pickups, enemies, allies, and more. You'll never play the same game twice.
Daily Challenge lets you play the exact same level as everyone else for a chance at the top leaderboard position for the day.
11-12-2014, 10:32 PM
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I've been seeing "Rooster Teeth" here and there, I'm going to have to find out what it is.

11-12-2014, 10:44 PM
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I hear this game is awesome. I may have also worked on the game.

(We'll have a trailer up tomorrow).

Trent Polack
Creative Director, Team Chaos
Twitter: @mittense
11-12-2014, 10:47 PM
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Well it's a definite purchase for me, I have a soft spot for Team Chaos and, despite not actually knowing anything about Rooster Teeth, the game itself looks great. Far too much money being spent today!
11-13-2014, 06:28 AM
Game Impressions

11-13-2014, 07:31 AM
The Game current just feels complete unbalanced. I spent an hour with the Game so far and sooner or later it did always end with me believing that someone just thought that the Game has to get now released instead of spending like a month or more with polishing it a bit more.

The Start of the Game feels rough since specially at the beginning the drops are often ridiculous(!) useless where you can build for the first three/four rounds nothing except two different (useless!) gears and if you are lucky enough you still aren`t killed by then and able to buy your first weapon that might help you to survive another round till you get slaughtered by an One-Hit Kill Monster at round five or six.

This wouldn`t be so bad at all if besides the Gear Parts you would get for killing Zombies enough Dollar to open enough doors while while at the same time being able to buy new weapons. Well of course this isn`t the case. You often don`t get enough to even buy a new Weapon at all that allow you to stay away from the Aliens before they destroyed you.

Since the Aliens grow in their power each round while you on your own get only weaker and weaker with each round it just make everything worse.

To make it short:

At the current moment the Game feels more unbalanced then some of the Freemium Games that have three(!) different currencies.

I did request from Apple a refund since I don`t have anymore the time to wait till a Game get`s polished and balanced after it had launched unfinished so my Rating for the current Build is 1/5.


To make things worse each time your Character does level up you aren`t getting anything in return. All you see is a nice Special Effect that you have leveled up but besides that it`s as useless as it can be and I don`t understand why they had added it at all to the Game. No refilled energy, no extra dollar for a "Level up", absolut nothing at all - Why was it even added at all to the Game when it does nothing in the Game?!
11-13-2014, 10:27 AM
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The key to the early game is to actively engage the first round and then, if you don't have any weapons to buy from your starting earnings, to build whatever defenses you can and earn more money from the second wave. You can pretty easily defend against the first two waves without dying. At which point you have enough money for any of the starting weapons or you can start exploring the studio and opening rooms (rooms often contain health kits that will partially if not entirely replenish your health). Rooms also occasionally contain additional party members to help buff up your party.

Oh, and leveling up increases a character's max health.

Trent Polack
Creative Director, Team Chaos
Twitter: @mittense

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11-13-2014, 02:30 PM
Game Impressions

11-13-2014, 10:26 PM
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So no one here has ever watched rage quit, or achievement hunter??? Seriously these guys are awesome.
11-13-2014, 11:55 PM
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Here's our trailer for the game:


Trent Polack
Creative Director, Team Chaos
Twitter: @mittense