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============UPDATES INFO=============
version 1.0.2 :
- Survival mode
- JPARK BANK - ( Bank of game money )

------Main Update Plan------

User say :
-"This game makes me feel lik im playin dragon ball z"
-"Once you start playing it you wouldn't want to put it down."
- " It is a very fun game that I ever played in my life!! "
- " It's an amazing game highly recommended"
- "Great game, controls are easy to use and the graphics are a huge upgrade from the previous titles."
- "Great combination of RPG and action. "
- " One of the best stick type games if that means anything"

You are on a mission to get rid of villains from a different planet.
Each planet has different geographical features and types of enemeies, and you will meet even stronger bosses.
In this action game, the five main characters must kill all the villains using different combos and weapon.

- The five main characters have different combos and various actions, and you can change the character according to the enemy.
- You can meet different types of boss and enemies in each planet.
- You can enjoy fantastic mood on various maps of seven different planets.
- Like in Dragon Ball, many actions like energy beam, combo in the air, continuous attack, weapon, and power glove for level-up were added.
- More action frames and biggger character images than before

Support Information:
For additional support, please contact:
E-mail : pjh097@gmail.com
11-13-2014, 01:05 PM
Joined: Apr 2014
Posts: 537
It's free atm, if you like this kind of game.

Idk, screenshots looked interesting to me.

Edit: Game is terrible, imo.

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11-14-2014, 09:47 PM
i played the game, here is some feedback:

- I didn't like the tutorial at the start of the game. It's too much information to take in. I'd suggest making it simpler.

- during gameplay, I found that I could get quite far just by pushing the green button (punch). I didn't have to do much other than button mash. That's not exciting.

- later on, I didn't even bother punching. I just jumped over enemies and ran away. I was getting a bit bored seeing the same enemy every time with a different colour. From the image at the start of the game, I expected enemies to be varied. If you can't keep the player interested, there's no point.

- suggest designing a background that moves with perspective.

Overall, not the most fun, BUT - lots of room for improvement. I'd suggest looking at the design philosophy of a game like God of War. Your concept is similar and tbh I love running street-fighter style games. Vary your enemies, reduce 2 attack buttons to 1, add a degree of randomness to the enemy strength and to your attacks (have a "critical hit!"), etc and you will make this game tons more fun. Best of luck and keep at it!