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Lion Pig : Frozen Run

11-24-2014, 10:59 PM
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Lion Pig : Frozen Run

Last month I released a game called Lion Pig. Lion Pig is an old-school arcade-style platformer and there exists a thread in the Release Forums here on TA if you'd like to check it out :


After the release I pushed out a Halloween Update and then decided to make a spin-off of the game in the form of an endless runner. World 4 of Lion Pig is the Frozen Valley. Considering winter is here and the Holidays are among us I decided to develop Lion Pig : Frozen Run.

Here are some details about the game :

1. You will collect coins to upgrade your score multiplier and earn medals for the amount of points you earn as you upgrade.
2. There is a really cool morning-afternoon-sunset-night-late night cycle. Watch as the sun and moon pass over the horizon and the background changes.
3. There is no speed cap. If you think you've got skills in running games then you really should try Frozen Run. Your speed will keep increasing until you die. You can see an example of how fast I can play the game in the video above.
4. The game is free to play with very reasonable advertisements and in app purchases. Purchasing any IAP (even just the $0.99 coin doubler) will remove ads. Ads will never show while you are playing the game. Just intermittent between deaths.
5. There are 2 leaderboards in the game separating the pay-to-win with those interested in shooting for a high score without Continues.
6. Lots of obstacles and platform jumping. For those that played Lion Pig you will know that there is no manual jumping. Frozen Run is a 1 touch game (touch to jump, touch to drop from a ceiling) and very easy to pick up, so a bit different in the mechanics, but tried and true to work.
7. Runs at 60fps on iPhone4s + newer / iPad 2 + newer. If you have a device older than those the game will not run at 60fps so the experience will not be as smooth.
8. There are 2 leaderboards and 11 achievements to earn in Game Center.

Although Lion Pig : Frozen Run may not be breaking the boundaries in the runner genre, it's a fun game that really is one of those simple to pick up but hard to master games. Considering there is no speed cap you can truly test your skills against others, especially if you go for the No Continue route.

If the game is approved by Apple soon then I plan to launch it this coming weekend (Thanksgiving weekend). More info to come.
11-24-2014, 11:34 PM
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Wow, a sequel already?! Do you sleep? The trailer looks great. Can't wait to play Frozen Run!
11-25-2014, 12:09 AM
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Originally Posted by paulkane View Post
Wow, a sequel already?! Do you sleep? The trailer looks great. Can't wait to play Frozen Run!
More like a spin-off than a sequel.

Sleep? What's sleep?
12-05-2014, 02:41 AM
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Lion Pig : Frozen Run was just approved by Apple and should be live on the app store soon. Here is the link :