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So, we made a game about a bunny.

11-25-2014, 09:08 PM
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So, we made a game about a bunny.

Platforms: iOS, Android

What it is: Tasty Bunny

A platformer game for advanced players who like a good quality challenge. (Think of Super Meat Boy, or The Impossible Game)

Or, for any lovely person that dares daring. (Note: we will not stand responsible for any mobile device that may end up broken upon throwing onto a wall. Especially our studio's wall.) <3

Current Progress: polishing and rendering a few more levels before launch.

Cost: Free

Estimated release date: Before Christmas!

Youtube link | Pop Up

Summary: We are playing as the Bunny. This poor ball of white cuteness is being chased all over the world by a persistent Fox. The obstacles that stand in the Bunny's path are not particularly hurting it. They are slowing it down, thus making it vulnerable to the Fox.

In each level, the goal is to reach the rabbit hole before the Fox catches the Bunny. The player needs to gather up as many carrots as possible, to keep the Bunny's speed improving until it can eventually outrun the Fox and make it to destination, safely.

The game will be released with two areas on the worldmap. The jungle, and the desert. Each containing about thirteen levels. Upon reaching the last level available, the player will be notified of the estimated release date of the next world map area. (Much like Candy Crush Saga, we will be expanding the world map for as long as there is interest in the game.)

In-app store: The perks and accessories in our little store are not mandatory at all to the game's fullest experience. They are barely affecting the gameplay, and they are only there for the generous player who wishes to support us.

The studio: We are Pexira. Two friends: one artist / composer, and one programmer. We built this game out of passion for oldschool difficult games from our youth on the NES platform. We are hoping to reach out to nice players and build a community around Tasty Bunny. We would love to be able to make many more levels for the game and keep improving it over time for the community.

For those interested in following the game, I invite you to visit our website for announcements, or to follow Pexira's page on Facebook


Thank you so much

11-27-2014, 07:33 PM
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Glowing fox! I like it!