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App description: What do you get when you combine Pinball, Pool, and Brick Breaker?

Color Ranger captures all the excitement and fun of these timeless games.

Your mission is to eliminate a set of colored blocks in the playfield within a number of moves by firing a color-changing ball into them, bouncing off the walls and other blocks to create combos and power balls.

Color Ranger is about color and aiming. Simply tap and drag your finger to aim the ball and adjust your power then release to send the ball flying around the field. When your ball hits a block of a given color, it changes to that color and subsequent hits will break a block of the same color.

As you progress through the levels, youll be offered fewer moves but more colored blocks to deal with, in addition to geometrical wall that bounce your ball in different directions, and even moving blocks which interfere with your balls travel. The challenge of the game would be the tricky nature of aiming and firing your ball accurately to make calculated bounces.

Sharpen your skills and uncovering many exciting new features in 75 levels!
Color Ranger will last you hours upon hours!

= Features =
FREE to play!
Explore 75 addictingly fun levels. Additional levels coming soon!
Challenge your friends on Game Center and Facebook and beat their scores!

Watch the official trailer!

PLEASE NOTE! Color Ranger is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in app purchases on your device if you do not want to use this feature.

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Game Impressions

11-27-2014, 08:30 PM
Much better than what I expect, will give more feedback when I play more levels
11-28-2014, 12:39 AM
Any tips for level 18? I guess I'm close but just need a few more moves to complete it.
11-28-2014, 02:51 AM
Originally Posted by amandarose View Post
Any tips for level 18? I guess I'm close but just need a few more moves to complete it.
You can take a look at this video

The key point is: try to hit the target color blocks as much as possible. However, when there are numbers of same color blocks sticking together, even they are not the target color, try to create 4 combos with them and use powerball to clear the rest. Enjoy!