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App description: IMPORTANT: Designed *ONLY* for the bigger screens on iPhone 6/Plus and iPads with Retina Displays.

Star Nomad Elite is a top-down 2D sandbox space-adventure-sim. It was created as an arcade tribute to classic spacesims of old such as Elite, Wing Commander Privateer, Escape Velocity and Freelancer. If you are a fan of these games, then you're in for a nostalgic ride!

"The touch interface is so good... Combat is harrowing and rewards you for being able to evade enemy fire." - 4/5 TouchArcade
"It feels like a populated world and in someways borderline MMO" - IndieGameMag

* Simple one-touch intuitive UI, no digital joysticks, just smooth easy flight & fight with one-touch!
* Be a Cargo runner.
* Be a Mercenary unleashing firepower for wealth!
* Be a Miner seeking rare ores.
* Be a Merchant trading in goods!
* Be a Smuggler dealing in lucrative drugs & evade the law!
* Be a Pirate attacking merchant ships, become infamous & fight for anarchy!
* Join huge multi-faction Fleet Battles!
* Dynamic faction standing system, where your actions will determine friends or foes.
* Multiple ship classes to fly, including drone carriers & the mighty Yamato Battleship!
* All ships are up-gradable with modules.

In Star Nomad, you roam free in the Wildlands Sector immersed in a sci-fi noir setting rich in depth and humor. While a sandbox at heart, it's also story driven with a personal plot inspired by classic sci-fi/cyberpunk such as Blade Runner, Johnny Mnemonic & Gundam that puts you right in the pilot seat to determine the outcome of an escalating corporate war!

There is no perma-death, but there is a death penalty, so take care! When your ship blows up, the life-pod will be rescued & towed to a safe location. Insurance will payout for ships at most of their Credit value (you lose ~15%). Insurance fully (100%!) covers lost modules.

Below the Star Map, there's a dynamic faction standing indicator (green = ally, crosshair = enemy). Your actions will change the way the four major factions treat you.

Please leave a review or if you like it, share it with your friends! Happy to receive feedback via email (halfgeekstudios@gmail.com) or twitter @AH_Phan

AH_Phan's comments:
G'day all, I'm the solo dev of Star Nomad Elite.

Ever since the release of iOS8 I've been trying to port my PC/MAC Star Nomad over to take advantage of the greatly enhanced performance of the new javascript engine in iOS8.

It's available in HD wide-screen for both iPhone 6/Plus (yay, bigger screens!) and iPads with Retina displays.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhibABT0-EE

If I could succinctly describe Star Nomad, it's a top-down fast-paced spacesim that tries to reduce complexity as much as possible but also retain a good level of depth. Combat is twitch based, requiring player skill to avoid taking fire, as well as positioning for AoE attacks (later ships have giant C-Beam Cannons with cone AoE or drones that deal line AoE damage).

For the trader at heart, there's many routes to be discovered to rake in the profits. For those more adventurous, smuggling illegal drugs (Contra) to the right market yields ridiculous profits, but beware, militia patrols will scan your cargo and drug-smuggling is punishable with extreme force!

For those who just wish to be a law unto themselves, the life of a pirate is a dangerous but rewarding one.

There's dynamic faction standing with allies & enemies, where your actions can align you to a faction or vice versa. Don't like the iron rule of the mega corporations? Join the pirates to bring about anarchy!

While it's a sandbox game at heart, there's also a lengthy story filled with exciting & varied missions to embark upon. There's also a plot twist where you can switch paths! Ultimately, your task is to resolve a conflict between two mega-corporations by revealing the truth behind the cause of the war... but are they ready for the truth and will it matter?

I've included a brief tutorial in this version (? icon in title screen), but because I wanted players to think and discover for themselves (harken back to the old days of gaming), there's no hand-holding in-game after a brief intro. I know some will be turn-off by this, thus, I've tried to make an easy tutorial on my devblog. I'll do a few gameplay videos covering different aspects soon.

Why Elite version? I had released an earlier toned down, low res version as a free game with a few 100% optional IAPs. However, due to the major changes in my new javascript compiler (I coded it for PC primarily so performance was poor until iOS8's major engine overhaul), a simple update was impossible as it would override save-data. I decided since its the same quality as the PC/MAC version, I would go with the same pricing model, upfront paid, no IAPs.

If there's any questions, ask away I will try my best to respond to all queries. I can also provide some dev insight to gameplay for tips if you're struggling (it's not an easy game by any stretch of the imagination!).
12-02-2014, 06:33 AM
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Youtube trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6UPWb-Xe6Y

Longer trailer (older art, but content is there): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsV9JTYDHQE

I have to warn potential players, the game starts out a little slow compared to nearly all mobile games. Progression is modeled on one of my favorite all-time PC spacesim, Wing Commander Privateer. In that old game, the starter ship is trash (& will die if anything bad looks its way, teaching players early on when to fight/run), no modules, not even a jump-drive so it could not leave the starter system until trading earnt some money to buy the drive.

Star Nomad isn't a casual game that tells players where to go, what do to, where to sell something at the best prices etc etc, it's all up to the players to explore, discover & think for themselves like in the old days (though merchant npcs often give trading tips as you encounter them, among other random chatter).

There's no hand-holding in-game. I know it will turn off some players, so I've tried to make a simple tutorial/manual on my devblog: https://halfgeekstudios.wordpress.com/tips-tricks/ that covers all the basics & provide some advice in all aspects of gameplay. A lot of players do just fine without reading it, but they are often veterans of spacesims who enjoy a bit of cerebral along with twitch gaming.

In short, Star Nomad is intended for hardcore gamers & lovers of PC/MAC spacesims. I have tried my best to distill all the fun elements of such a complex genre and simplify it as much as possible, taking into account the platforms.

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a 2D version of Elite?
Im intrigued.

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12-02-2014, 06:39 AM
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Also on Android?
12-02-2014, 06:50 AM
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Arrrrgh iOS 8.1 and above. Looks like I'm out

Shame looks really good
12-02-2014, 07:08 AM
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Originally Posted by psj3809 View Post
Arrrrgh iOS 8.1 and above. Looks like I'm out

Shame looks really good
Sorry about that, I needed iOS8's improve Nitro-JIT engine to really run my PC code super fast so that I didn't have to cut-down anything.

Apple did an amazing thing with iOS8, their Metal and JIT addition means PC code actually runs faster on Apple devices than on PC! Maybe by multiple factors given the weaker CPUs compared to full blown Intel i7s (in my internal benchmarks).

I believe it works fine on iPhone 5S with iOS8.1 as well, but it's probably too small to enjoy on 4' screens.
12-02-2014, 07:13 AM
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Originally Posted by heringer View Post
Also on Android?

The current Android build is due for an update with graphics overhauls (which is present in the iOS version). However, the major difference is that its really smooth on Apple, 60 fps while consuming ~15-20% of the CPU cycles, so the device lasts much longer on battery. The reason is due to 10x faster Javascript processing on iOS8 compared to Android (I believe Android L improves it somewhat, but still nowhere close to what Apple managed with iOS8).

Also, on Android its freemium with very generous 100% optional IAPs. I'm honestly not sure which approach is better, but since my PC/MAC version is $3.99 upfront no IAPs/DLC nonsense, I thought I stick with that approach for this identical iOS build.

I've found its much easier to port games to iOS than Android, due to no fragmentation. I have nightmares with so many Android devices and custom mods/roms.
12-02-2014, 07:14 AM
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Originally Posted by amusing Grace View Post
a 2D version of Elite?
Im intrigued.
It's more a 2D version of Privateer's lovechild with Escape Velocity.
12-02-2014, 07:27 AM
Wow, love the look of this, will certainly check it out.

Games that excite, entertain and keep you coming back for seconds!
12-02-2014, 07:52 AM
Originally Posted by psj3809 View Post
Arrrrgh iOS 8.1 and above. Looks like I'm out

Shame looks really good
Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I'm staying on iOS 7 on my 5S, so I probably won't be playing this until my next phone. But I watch listed it! Looks like fun.