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App description: Mowing grass arcade style!

Mow grass and dodge angry neighbours in Ted's Mower. With your trusted stolen mower you set off to mow every garden in Bovverstreet while dodging the brothers Ted, Ned and Zed, your dog Bobby and the neighbours.

Your goal is to mow 20 different gardens, which each contain three different challenges requiring different strategies. By earning stars the player can unlock new mowers and levels.

Three different difficulty settings make this game suitable for beginners and hardcore gamers alike. Unlike most games, Ted's Mower has a linear level difficulty, which means you do not have to play for hours before encountering a challenge.

OldMoat's comments:

Now out for iPhone and iPad: Ted's Mower

Earn stars by mowing grass or all the flower in each garden. You can also test your mowing skills in time mode.

Limited time free download!

12-19-2014, 04:22 AM
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Ted's Mower is now also available for iPhone! Download it for free while it lasts.