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App description: Black Shades is an intense first-person-shooter game about a bodyguard protecting a VIP from an onslaught of assassins. It is a direct port of the popular open-source game Black Shades (http://blog.wolfire.com/2009/02/black-shades-iphone/).

Use seven different weapons to take down the assassins, or use your bare hands to disarm them!
Slow down time to line up the perfect headshot for instant kills!
Use the shotgun to blast the heads off of hordes of zombies!
Zoom in with the scoped rifle to take out enemy snipers!
Watch enemies fall to the ground with realistic physics!

"It sounds impossible, but Black Shades actually manages to turn the generally plodding, infuriating task of the escort mission into something challenging, fun, and strangely replayable. And before you say anything, yes: the graphics do suck, and no, it isn't a big deal." -Destructoid.com

"The game does a great job of making you feel like a psychic bodyguard with very basic graphics and simple game mechanics, and thats really something. Its so satisfying when you catch an assassin rushing in with a knife, only to plug him with your gun or when you spy a sniper across the street, and knock over the VIP as a bullet whizzes over his head." - Tigsource.com
12-06-2014, 08:41 PM
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A Wolfire classic? Perhaps there is hope we might see Lugaru and Overgrowth on the platform.

Probably not. But a man kan dream, eh?

Rabbit ninja combat notwithstanding, this is an interesting title as well. Old and rough and very limited in scope, but like all Wolfire products, uniquely design, in partly very good ways

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