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App description: Create, Edit, Code, Play and Share your own Graphic and Text adventures with TAC (The Adventure Creator).

The Adventure Creator makes it easy to create interactive adventures on the iPad with a simple to use, intuitive interface. Create your own worlds and add images and objects. Add interactivity through a simple programming matrix. Play your games and share them easily with others via airdrop or any cloud based solution (or email!).

TAC allows you to add your own objects, descriptions, verbs and conditions giving you limitless possibilities for adventure game creation. Be imaginative and creative with the puzzles and challenges you put into your games!

Games can be shared through airdrop (or any cloud based solution) as locked or unlocked files. Unlocked files can be edited and shared for collaborative projects, locked projects cannot be edited, so your adventure game puzzles have to be played to be solved!

TAC offers exciting ways for teaching coding concepts through its simple to use coding matrix, but can be used to simply create wonderful worlds with images with limited interactivity for very young children.

TAC features: text and icon interaction, animated icons, a simple and intuitive coding matrix, add your own locations, graphics, objects, verbs, markers, counters and conditions.

We aim to make the adventure creator the best we can, and test it extensively. Please contact us with any problems or concerns rather than posting a negative review that we have not been able to address. Literally 100s of students have used The Adventure Creator in programming workshops all over Europe with no issues.
01-21-2015, 02:56 PM
I'm giving it a shot after reading more about the creator in this article: http://www.ipadeducators.com/#!INTERVIEW-Joe-Moretti/cy7v/FB66D91F-6762-41C9-987B-C2BB2FF21E0C

Once I've had some time with it, I'll post my impressions.
01-24-2015, 03:26 PM
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I think this is really cool - nicely put together - however, for a text-based adventure creation tool, there's a massive issue: It only allows a description of a location in the game to be 100 characters or less. This pretty much means you can't be very descriptive or creative in your text.

So it's great as a creation tool but the resulting adventure game will inevitably be very limited until this limitation is removed.

[update] had a message from the dev in response to an email I sent about this and they're going to significantly increase the field size for description shortly. Looking forward to it since this could be really good fun to play around with.

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