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Craft The World is a unique sandbox strategy game, the mix of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress. Explore a random generated world populated by dangerous creatures, build a dwarf fortress, gather resources, and craft all the items, weapons, and armor you need.

Pocket Edition contains all 4 worlds of the Steam version:

You control a tribe of dwarves by giving them commands to dig in certain places, attack enemy creatures, and build houses and other structures. You'll need to provide your dwarves food and clothing, as well as help them with magic when fighting against other inhabitants of the world. You start the game with one dwarf and gain additional dwarves as your experience level increases.

Each game level has many layers of earth to explore, from the sky down to boiling subterranean lava. The level is randomly generated as an island, restricted by natural boundaries: oceans on the edges, lava beneath it, and the sky above. Other features include day and night and changing weather conditions. The worlds differ in size, humidity, temperature, terrain, and flora and fauna. Abandoned halls and rooms with treasure are hidden somewhere deep within the islands.

One feature of the game is a user-friendly system of recipes for crafting. The recipes are organized and easily accessible. You can craft dozens of different items: building blocks for houses, furniture, decorations, weapons, armor, ammunition, and food for your dwarves.

At the outset you find the recipes for basic tools and items, and build a small house with places to sleep and eat. Then, the size of the tribe increases and catches the attention of other inhabitants of the world. Most of them are night creatures and dwell underground. The worlds are full of fantasy creatures like zombies, skeletons, goblins, beholders, ghosts, giant spiders, and others. Some of them pay little attention to the dwarves, as long as the dwarves do not come into their field of vision. Others gather into quite large groups and try to break into the dwarves residence.

Especially dangerous are the waves of monsters that appear from time to time from portals. So, do not neglect to build a safe haven with strong walls and numerous trapdoors, cells, firing towers, and secret passageways.

As a divine being, you possess various spells. You can speed up the movement of the dwarves, open small portals, illuminate dark caves to scare away monsters, evoke natural magic in the form of rain or tree growth, hurl fireballs at the monsters heads, and find useful resources and hidden rooms underground, thereby helping to speed up resource extraction, exploration of the world, and the population growth of your assistants.

Boardumb's comments:

12-12-2014, 01:52 PM
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I wonder how this compares to the PC version of the same game?

12-12-2014, 02:00 PM
Joined: Jan 2011
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Hm unexpected, if the port is more or less the same I'm sold.

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12-12-2014, 02:28 PM
The install size is very close to the PC version (Steam), so this should compare pretty closely to the PC version (I presume).
12-12-2014, 02:43 PM
Joined: Nov 2008
Location: Indiana, USA
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This looks very good...tempted as it says this is a half off introductory sale. I'm not familiar with the PC version of this game but damn I think I'm going to buy this one!
12-12-2014, 06:29 PM
Joined: Aug 2009
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This does look very nice, hopefully there are not many differences to the pc version.

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12-12-2014, 07:16 PM
Joined: Jul 2012
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Me likey!
12-12-2014, 07:37 PM
Anyone want to TOFTT on this? Maybe post a gameplay vid pleasseeeee 😆 Does it play like junk jack x, or terraria? IAPs? Internet required? It seems that you send your dwarves to build and each block has a timer mechanic?? Just going off the preview trailer. I remember a building game with a similar gameplay mechanic. (And I hated it)
12-12-2014, 07:41 PM
Joined: Jul 2014
Posts: 442
I'm interested in this
12-12-2014, 07:46 PM
It does not play like Junk Jack - which I think is a much better game. In this one you control the characters indirectly by giving orders, more like blockheads. There is some AI weirdness - but its not major. However, unlike blockheads and junk Jack, this is a tcombined crafter and tower defense game (you get attacked by monsters and must defend). Overall and OK game - with a absolutely awesome art style and attention to detail. Only problem is i feel out of control a lot while playing - I keep think of the dwarves "what are they doing" and "why are you doing that?"