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App description: Think you've seen it before? Think again. These tilt mazes require logic not dexterity to solve. This is an extended collection of tilt-based logic mazes, as featured at clickmazes.com. Now developed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Game features:

- Full 3D animation
- Easy to learn and play
- Choice of tilt or swipe mode
- 90 hand-designed puzzles, graded easy to hard
- Solutions stored for review and playback
12-17-2014, 02:27 AM
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I got a promo for this earlier.
This is a very good logic puzzler. It's fairly standard as far as game mechanics go. The puzzles are fun and I really love how you made it look like one of the wooden tilt ball games. I also loved it that you included both tilt and touch controls. It's nice not having to be pressured with time so I'm sure my dad will love this game. It keeps track of how many moves it takes you however I would really like to see how few amount of moves it is possible to make in each level so I could try to see if I did it the best way. I think this is a must for this type of game.
12-18-2014, 05:39 AM
Thanks for these comments, coolpepper43!

Regarding solution lengths we went to the other extreme in a previous App, with a sophisticated mechanism whereby you could watch an animation of the perfect solution for any of the puzzles without even having solved it. You were then 'cheat-locked' for 5 minutes from attempting that individual puzzle again yourself, by which time you'd have forgotten the solution. It was meant to be a killer-feature, but nobody seemed to take much notice. The App I'm taking about is 'Clickmazes Boxup', easily found from following links in the App Store. There's a free version if you you want to see what I mean.

For Tip & Tumble we tried to keep it simpler. One thing, you've probably noticed, if you solve a puzzle in a shorter number of steps than before, you do get rewarded with a 'New record solution' animation.

Anyways, we'll certainly be taking these and any other comments on board for future Apps or updates!