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New mobile SLG game

12-17-2014, 04:41 AM
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New mobile SLG game

Galaxy Alliance

Hi gamer, there comes in a science fiction and star wars theme SLG game for the global game player Galaxy Alliance (GA).

This game is different from the common SLG game in the market, it not only use the science fiction and star wars as the background setting and inherited the European and American common SLG game's core advantage, also joined the RPG element. The PVE and special materials collection, commander role upgrading, flagship and equipment upgrading. All of these will let the players to see their own strong gradually.

The Galaxy Alliance's luxury lighting effects of opening scene creates a magnificent universe war scenes, the background of the story is also a bumpy twists and turns. In the vastness of the universe, because of the rebel attack, Hallunt empire that the most powerful empire of human beings trapped into chaos and crisis, player should play as a military commander to lead his people to look for resource, survival and development with other game players in the universe, not only to the fight with rebels, but also guard against the invasion from advanced races. As a survive military commander from earth, you will decide on what path to follow with your people?

As a SLG game, improved the game player cooperative interaction in the war strategy game, pay attention to game player groups as for the game system content. The Galaxy Alliance provides wide variety of flagship for game player to manufacture, the development team rigorous designs the game numerical, resource output, fleet combat, mutual restraint relationship. How to reasonable distribute the resource and troops is another selling point. It is like a Europe and American blockbuster which is staged by players. Galaxy Alliance is absolutely the strategy mobile game that players need.

Galaxy Alliance is developed by the Quick-Cocos2d-X engine, perfectly fuse SLG and RPG two categories game features, it has clear information display and content arrangement, and also optimize the function and complexity well.

And the most obvious different from the tranditional SLG game is the combat. It represents a great battlefield during space wars in Galaxy Alliance. High difinition ship models ith outstanding animation and effects will shows environment thoroughly incisively and vividly. Players should analyze enemy's fleet category and send corresponding strong versus ship to achieve macro strategy. In the meantime, players can also operate in realtime to launch tactic weapons to suppress enemy's fleet. Even defender can join battle in time to operate too and both side can operate battle at the same time. Innovative QTE battle process increased the strategy and Immediacy of SLG game, and increase the fun of Galaxy Alliance based on traditional SLG war games.

In addition, it improved the customer support and feedback system, the independent embedded Ticket system makes feedback can be timely tracking and reply to the player, at the same time, the forum system establish a community platform for all users to solve problem and communication.
Game balances the usability and art, not only to highlight the game exquisite art picture, also display a huge sense of space, stimulation and magnificent battle scenes, improved the various weapon systems and system upgrades, let the game player seemed to enjoy a Europe and American blockbuster.
Galaxy Alliance is designed by Poukoute R & D company. Poukoute technology is a new team that composed by a group of avid gamers, everyone has a rich game experience and development experience. The game production team are senior designers with more than 5 years of development experience of the game, they have joined the work design of several excellent game, such as the Galaxy empire war, Sparta War, the Galaxy legend. They have had the success experience of same type game, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, completely avoids the disadvantages of the old game.

Galaxy Alliance, this SLG game integrates the RPG element, has elegant style, rigorous design, coupled with high growth of the game mode, it can attract a large number of SLG gamers. This game is under the final adjustment and optimization stage. It will be lanuched soon on iphone/ipad. Commanders, are you ready?

Game website: www.poukoute.com

If there is anything you want to know in detail, just let me know. I will update it as soon as possible.
12-18-2014, 02:16 AM
When are you releasing it?
12-18-2014, 02:45 AM
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Originally Posted by magicfreak View Post
When are you releasing it?
We will lanuch it recently, but we don't have a accurate date yet. Once we prepared well, I will update the news here. And also, I will PM the news to you if you interested in it. Thanks for your attention.