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App description: WARNING Supported Devices : iphones starting with iPhone 5, and iPads starting with the iPad 4 and Retina mini. **

RC Heli is back, and it's a revolution !
Enjoy flying Micro RC helicopters and quads around a very detailed 3d scenario.
Scale up your skills with 4 physics simulation difficulty modes ranging from a strongly electronically assisted "Beginner" mode to an ultra realistic "Pro" mode.
RC Heli 3 engine simulates RC Helis and Drones very realistically allowing you to learn and practice as a simulator but it can also turn into a more arcade and easy experience.
The new Ai assisted Follow camera ads incredible realism to the experience following your vehicle as if you where there.
2 Race game modes will see you flying micro quads trough cardboard checkpoints scattered through the realistic scenario, and compete online on our global leaderboards.

Join the competition to be the King of the Week and be one of the 3 usernames on the whiteboard on all players main menus. Each week the competition will be reset and a new king will take power !

With RC Heli 3 we are also introducing our new "FrozenAccount" which allows users to sync online all their progress and purchases and share them with the soon coming other platform versions of RC products.

Many new game modes, scenarios and vehicles will be released in the upcoming months.

Top Features :
- Detailed scenario allows for stunning flights at micro scale
- Advanced physics simulations
- Helicopter and Drone vehicles
- Electronic stabilizer simulation allows for a easy and yet realistic flight experience at beginner levels
- Free Flight , Race and Micro Race game modes available
- Many vehicles to choose from
- Wind simulation
- Online scoreboards
- Alive scenario rich of visual and audio detail
- Incredible sound track
- Soon coming multiplayer modes
- Sync progress and unlocks with the soon coming Mac and Pc version
- .... so much more.

** Unsupported devices : At the moment RC Heli 3 does not support the following devices ( IPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPod Touch, iphone 4 and 4s (previous ones too)

FrozenPepper's comments:
Hi all,
after long time Im very happy to be back and announce FrozenPepper latest work: RC Heli 3 . It just became available on the AppStore !

AppStore Link (Free)

In the last 2 years we have completely re-done the core engine of RC products developing custom physics, networking and scenario streaming solutions to provide a solid core for next generations of RC games.

So now the main features of RC Heli 3 :

Realistic physic simulation : We have engines, servos and propellers simulated separately, so each vehicle youll flight is the result of a sum of independent components (engines, propellers, batteries, electronic stabiliser etc) that contribute to the vehicle flight behaviour, forces are applied in the correct spots, weights are balanced etc So since each vehicle should behave very similarly to real ones,they have a stabiliser component which is coded exactly as those found in real RC Helicopters, Drones and planes (part of the code actually comes from an Arduino project i was working on for a cardboard RC plane but this is another story).

9 vehicles at launch ranging from micro quadcopters to collective helicopters.

4 difficulty modes : starting from Beginner" and reaching Pro , they allow players to skill up gradually their flight abilities, enjoy some relaxing and stable flight, fast and arcadish races or a very realistic and sensitive behaviour. A direct consequence of our new physics Engine is that we simply had to give more strength to electronic stabilisation and inertia cancellation to make the vehicle easier to flight, but still very realistic in its behaviours. Even in beginner mode your are still flying a realistic physic simulation of the vehicle.

Very detailed scenario : explore a huge house and its garden unlocking parts of it as you progress through the main race game modes. RC Heli 3 includes version 1.0 of our new streaming system which grants us a ton more detail than previously possible, high quality textures and models populate each room and area of the scenario allowing us scale up or down quality according to device capabilities.We are very satisfied with it, but as said it is our first attempt at something very complex, so expect improvements and even larger and smoother scenarios in future updates,.

3 Camera modes : third person follow, FPV, and the new and innovative AI assisted realistic view, this camera simulates the user following the RC vehicle from the ground, with advanced AI pathfinding.

All 4 standard RC Control modes selectable

New User account system : you can now create a user account with FrozenPepper to keep all your progress, unlocks etc synced throughout the various platforms we will release the game on, and compete on multi platform scoreboards when applicable. It works both online and offline allowing multiple users with separate scores on the same device. It brings many more benefits for users, but more on this later.

2 Race game modes : Micro and Regular GP game modes will see you fly through checkpoints around the scenario. Global ranking and scoreboards for each track can make each lap time very exciting.

Realistic Wind Simulation : advanced dynamic wind system allows for users to experiment with different wind strength.

Immersive sound and beautiful soundtrack.

King of the week : each week a track or game mode will be selected for the king of the week competition, and the best 3 user scores of the week be displayed for the full week after on a 3D whiteboard in the main menu of the game globally.

Engine built to grow : we have loads of different game modes and vehicles planned for the upcoming months. version 1.0 will be just the beginning.

Multiplayer combat and race modes coming very soon after release, as for the other core components of the game, we want to have a solid base for multiplayer networking to grow on, and it needs a little more work before being releasable, but expect it to be cool

All this comes at a price, the game supports only devices starting with the iPhone 5 and Ipad 4, while it might run, experience is far from nice on older devices (we are still fighting to get the iPad 3 in the list, but not sure about it).

Still working on a video trailer for the game and new screenshots from released version, will post them here as soon as available.

Great thanks in advance for the incredible feedback this community is able to provide !

** The screenshots might have some light bloom and depth field effects which we didnt manage to ship in first version of the game (but newer devices might actually handle if we work more on optimisations, too slow at the moment to ship ), apart from this, reflections, details, textures etc are from the regular IOS version with iPhone 5 settings.
01-17-2015, 05:41 AM
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Any possibility that you'll add MFI support?

01-17-2015, 12:18 PM
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Sweeeet. I have a few R/C helis myself and will definitely give this a download.
01-19-2015, 07:39 AM
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Originally Posted by adin View Post
Any possibility that you'll add MFI support?
We plan to fully support most possible joystick solutions in coming updates.
We are now finalising Mac version of game with complete joystick support, so perfect moment to implement MFI in iOs version .

Thanks for the feedback.
07-16-2015, 04:35 PM
Free Unlock on Entire House

Hi all,

below are a few codes to unlock the entire house. You must be logged in to Game Center or have a Frozen Pepper account within the game to redeem.

If you successfully get the code please let everyone know. We'd love to hear your feedback. We've also added a massive basketball court.

Check it out:

Code #1: s37Vs3cGOc

Code #2: z26fQi355i

Code #3: d9qgjRMl7q

Basketball Court Images

07-16-2015, 09:33 PM
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I was able to get the first code. Thanks. I've played the other versions, so was looking forward to trying this one out. Unfortunately, either I'm completely overlooking something (and thus the instructions aren't clear enough) or there's a bug. I am unable to power on my heli. I'm on an ipad mini 3, ios 8.3. The controls don't do anything and I keep getting the 'turn on your heli' error. Tried restarting, reinstalling. No joy.
07-16-2015, 10:42 PM
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I got the third code the second was taken. Thanks! I'm enjoying this game. It really does remind me of a real rc copter. I only tried the easy controls. So far it doesn't fully simulate how difficult it is to keep them in the air for a long period of time.

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07-17-2015, 12:05 AM
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Picked this game up a while back and pretty much liked it, but to me, it seemed like most of the controls work properly except when you propel forward. Now I don't know if other levels or better copters go faster forward, but the one I had was very slow. I mean REALLY slow! Strangely slow! Also, I wish you could choose a drone in the beginning along with the first helicopter without having to win races, etc. first! Or at least that I could buy one right away. Other than that, I'm enjoying this game.

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07-17-2015, 03:18 AM
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I think all codes have been used/redeemed.

Interesting game so far.
07-17-2015, 06:05 AM
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Well I just picked this up!
A shame all of the codes are taken- seems like a good game

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