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App description: StarFleet 2014 is a computer-simulated battle. Clash with enemy Klingon D7 Class battlecruisers and use strategies that captain James T. Kirk used. You control a Constitution Class Federation vessel similar to the Enterprise; a computer program directs the enemy.

Vector Graphics / Fast Action Strategy Gaming / Computer Directs up to 9 Klingon Enemy Ships / Classical 70s Algorthims
Time based Vector Strategy Gaming - [1/8] 0.125 warp second Animate Tactical Display**
**feature v.2014 exclusive
12-24-2014, 07:14 PM
I hate to ask guys but what are these games? Like if they are a true re-creation of the old star fleet battles table top game they would be really cool. However I can't find reviews on ANY of the games made by this developer, they seem rather expensive (again though I'd pay a lot for star fleet battles on my tablet) and the big one..... Why hasn't paramount or whatever it is ate these fellers for breakfast ten times over?

Thanks eh