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Clickmazes BoxUp, free for a week!

01-02-2015, 12:08 PM
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Clickmazes BoxUp, free for a week!

Happy New Year to all...

...from Bill & Andrea at Idle Complexities. To celebrate, Clickmazes BoxUp will be free until Jan 11th, 2015. No in-app purchases, no ads, just 110 free brainteaser puzzles...

01-02-2015, 12:29 PM
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Overall a decent puzzle game worth trying. Tiny download size, no IAP or ads. So far so good.

A bug though is that it uses the ringer volume sound instead of game volume sound. I keep my ringer on high so I can hear it but game volumes I like to be low or even off sometimes. Hopefully this will be fixed.

Also the bar shows for the time, signal strength, battery power. Not sure if that was intended but figured I'd not it incase that was supposed to be hidden. I actually like the option of seeing this stuff in puzzle games.

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01-03-2015, 07:17 AM
Joined: Dec 2014
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Have to say I am impressed, that was 21 minutes from posting to a very honest review by nightc1! Much appreciated, thanks thanks thanks.

BoxUp has been available for some time now and we always felt it should have done a lot better. But then most dev's feel that way about most Apps! Maybe this freebie campaign will give it some new exposure.

It was our first iOS product and the criticism of volume control is valid. With hindsight, lesson earned. As a work around you can mute the sound completely in the App settings, and that won't affect ringer, but it's not ideal.

Future Apps, including our recent 'Tip & Tumble, will have sound effects volume control that is independent of ringer volume. We could think about retro-fitting same to BoxUp if there's sufficient demand/interest..?

Many thanks, again.

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