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App description: Speed1 is a fun game where you have to tap two or more balls that show the number 1 at the same time (up to 5 balls and for at least half a second) UNTIL the coin sound or the bottom Alert shows up, in that moment you have earned points. If the number is bigger than 1, you must tap the ball as often as necessary to reach the number 1, you can tap several balls at the same time in order to save time.

You only have 60 seconds to try to beat your record. Pause the game tapping in the Advertising Banner at the bottom, or you can stop the game by tapping in the red symbol on top (you can always buy the functionality to avoid the Advertisements and to Add the Pause option during the game).

You can choose between three levels:

1.- Easy: Two new balls will be created every 4 seconds and every 3 successful plays, no extra points.

2.- Medium: Two new balls will be created every 3 seconds and every 2 successful plays, 2 extra points after a successful play.

3.- Hard: Two new balls will be created every 2 seconds and every 1 successful play, 4 extra points after a successful play.

At the end you will see how many tuplas you have tapped:

Doubles, Triples, Quadruples, and Quintuples.

Share your results with your frinends on Facebook/Twitter/Sina Weibo/Tencent Weibo, and of course... compite against them in Game Center!

iphonetofer's comments:
Hello fellas!

I would like to introduce you a new and original game for iPhone (iOS8+)... Speed1. It's a quite simple idea, but I'm pretty sure you will feel that is not easy at all, which is the idea, you really need to be fast and coordinated with your fingers.

Let's play guys! And let me know if you have any comment about it, the idea is to create a simple but awesome game, let's see if you can mastering the game in some days

See you in the Game Center Scores! (cristof_speed1).

Thanks and enjoy!
01-05-2015, 01:49 PM
Hi, I played your game. Fun, but here's some feedback:

- I'm using an iPhone 5S. The last sentence in the tutorial is incomplete for a couple of screens. I can send you a screenshot if you'd like.
- using my thumbs to play is pretty standard for me, therefore it is hard to get larger combos. I don't like putting my full hand over the screen. I played a few times and my best score is 56 in a minute.
- I'd suggest you consider allowing a person to "connect" 1's together by drawing a line through them as an alternate game mode for when a player doesn't want to use multiple fingers to play your game.

I'd say take a look at your in-game statistics and see how many double vs triple vs quadruple combos players are making. This should tell you quickly if people are not going for the larger combos because of the awkwardness of the action to do so.

Lastly, I suggest you run the description on the App Store through a spellcheck as I noticed a few spelling errors.

Fun game though, keep up the good work!
01-05-2015, 07:06 PM
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Hey sterlingware!

I really appreciate your feedback, I will take all your comments in consideration for the next version