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App description: You think you know your ABC and 123? Think again!

Seek One requires a person's skill to recognise pattern. In particular the sequence of alphabet and numbers, in both directions. Dyslexic people, will score badly in this game unfortunately. Or perhaps, you will discover that you are dyslexic by playing this game?

The game requires you to think faster as you gain levels - a great brain exercise. Create combos by solving 3 sequences real quick. Combo gains you more points and clears up all sequences on the screen.

Your score is ranked by medals - a total of 14 Medals - with Diamond Medal at the highest. It was rumoured not a single human being is able to achieve the Diamond Medal. If you get it, it could mean you are superhuman because it takes high level of concentration and lightning speed thinking. :D

Good luck!

Rocotilos's comments:
Hey guys, my 4th ios game has been approved by Apple few hours ago.
Very happy to announce Sequence Game for iOS.

01-06-2015, 09:19 AM
Joined: Dec 2009
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Anybody tried my game? any feedback? thanks.