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  • Publisher: FJM Studios
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 9.3 MB
  • Version: 1.9
  • Price: $0.99
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App description: Play head-to-head with bluetooth.

Imagine yourself in control, as the coach of a football team. You make all the decisions, call the plays, decide whether to accept or decline a penalty, choose when to call a timeout, make the call to go for it on 4th down, even call heads or tails on the coin toss. Well imagine it no longer. Your time has come and "TruPlay Football" is here!


Enjoy a single football game or indulge in the fun of league play and try to win the league championship! Have up to 2 players per game and up to 8 players per league. And the computer AI is built for intelligence and randomness. So expect a great game no matter who you play against.

If you get a phone call or your boss walks in while you are playing, don't worry. All games are auto saved after each play and can be continued anytime!

Game Play

"TruPlay Football" is a statistical based strategy football game. You will be able to choose from 24 offensive plays and 11 defensive plays. You can double click the play to select. Before the game begins, you set the strengths and weaknesses for your team. You then play your opponent and try to pick the plays that will give your team the best chance of winning. In all of this, you have to balance your strengths and weaknesses with your opponent's strengths and weaknesses. Of course, you will also want to guess what your opponent's strategy is. And there are no ties in TruPlay Football. All ties go to sudden death overtime, where the first score wins.

Clock management was designed to make the clock as realistic as possible without a real-time clock. This allows you to get distracted or take a break without getting a delay of game penalty. You control the clock by calling a timeout or turning the hurry up option on. The hurry up option can be turned on during the game to speed your team up when on offense.

League Play

League Play consists of 8 teams split into two divisions of 4. A 14 game regular season is played, consisting of a home and an away game against every team in the league. The top two teams in each division then play each other in the playoffs to decide who plays in the championship game. A league champion is then declared from the winner of the championship game.

There can be up to 4 different leagues going simultaneously. For each league, the teams characteristics (running team, passing team, good pass defense, etc.) can be adjusted for each team before the season begins. Each team is equal in that the total team strength must add up to 100. You can also have from 0 to 8 human players in the league (currently all games must be played from the same device). All computer games will be simulated by pressing the "Sim" button by each game. The league statistics or standings can be viewed throughout and after the season.

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Wow...Madden 10 doesn't even compare to this. This is a great game. I love the team names too. They seem realistic.


and lastly we have the abu sayaf and MILF, two terrorist factions in the Philippines, and iv yet to see any fruits of labor from the government concerning these terrorist threats.
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There's a MILF terrorist faction? Awesome! Sign me up.