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App description: Sprint, scoot and skedaddle through the Wild West in this action-packed, high-speed, endless runner game adventure!

You accidentally emptied a stockpile of hooch belonging to a neighboring Indian tribe, and now they are hot on your trail! Get ready to run, and FAST, amigo!

Firewater is not your run-of-the-mill endless runner game, this is not a joyride. Its a breakneck speed boosting bonanza like no other! Quick! Its time to vamoose, buckaroos!

What youll enjoy as you run, jump, slide and boost yourself to safety :
Many missions to accomplish with extras to up your luck
Style your cowboy with more than 6,000 outfit combinations
Fun, daily challenges to complete
Invite your friends to a dash across the desert
Track your progress on the leaderboard
A colorful landscape full of hurdles and hazards to avoid

Supercharge your running speed by collecting booze and rush ahead of the mob thats racing after you. Get ready to jump, surf some sand, and destroy dangerous obstacles you encounter like super spiky Cacti, barbed wire, boulders, blocks and more. Discover how quickly you can run, jump and slide through the desert under the hot sun. Collect Coins along the way and spend them in the General Store to customize, upgrade, and enhance your Cowboy with dozens of different items. Grab yourself bullets as you dash along and try your luck for special bonuses as well.

Whenever I play this game on the subway, someone is spying over my shoulder to see what's going on. Its that fun! Rose K.

The amount of time that this cowboy spends running in this game he could make it around the world an infinite number of times. I get tired just thinking about it.Nick D.

Watch out for those cacti, my friend. If you dont jump high enough, you will regret it. Olivia S.


reinhardius's comments:

We just released Firewater: Cowboy Dash
A crazy runner about a drunken cowboy who is chased by indians.

The game is currently featured in best new games in 119 countries
(not in the US , mainly Europe)


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Thanks for playing

01-12-2015, 04:00 PM
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This actually looks fun I like how you guys take on edgier themes...