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iPhone: Animal Kingdom v1.1 (0.99) + Lite

09-14-2009, 10:12 AM
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Animal Kingdom v1.1 (0.99) + Lite

App: Animal Kingdom v1.1
Developer: Sleeping Heroes.
Price: $0.99 & Lite


Shorten: http://bit.ly/160rMM
Full: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvPiyO4ewS4

Reviews from Real Users
"It's hard at first, but it becomes interesting and amazing after you understand the way. Totally worth it!"
- Racolas

"Amazing, simple fun and amazing looking, this needs to get featured ASAP. It just 59p!! buy buy buy"
- World Wide

"The game is hard, but it should be. It takes some thinking, but it's, in my opinion, the best board game you can download. The hardest part is putting it down without winning at least one game."
- Teh Ty

- Unique piece animations! You can see pieces really moving on the board!.
- Challenging AI (Full version only). Also easier level for beginners (Default on Lite).
- Undo/Redo support (Full version only).
- Save the progress when quitting (Full version only).
- Play with another player (Full version only).
- Friendly user interface. You can make a move by simply drag-n-drop, view ranks of pieces at all time, and more.
- Detailed help view with beautiful-designed images to demonstrate the rules.

Animal Kingdom is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-play board game with beautiful graphics and animations. It's based on a traditional Chinese board game, Dou Shou Qi (斗兽棋). We didn't change the rules, but completely re-designed the look of the game! It is joyful by simply watching how pieces move around on the board.

It is a challenging game too, and you should feel proud if you can defeat our hard-level AI (we have never done that). Animal Kingdom is perfect for charging your brain in 5 minutes everyday, and you can resume the joy whenever you want.

We donít play Chess, Go or other brain-consuming board games, but we do enjoy playing Animal Kingdom whenever we got 5 minuets. If you are like us, Animal Kingdom is the one for you.

Lite Version
Lite Version is available now! Try it for free!

What's new
- New beginner level with much easier AI, perfect for beginners.
- Japanese localization

iTunes Link:
Link to Lite
09-14-2009, 12:19 PM
The screenshots seem nice!
09-14-2009, 01:51 PM
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I tried the Lite.
Animations & sounds are well done, the animals move smoothly and when you touch them, they make their scream.
The gameplay is easy as the clouds always say you where you can go or not. The numbers on the animals help to remember which is bigger/powerful on the board. When a big animal goes on the same box than a small, the smaller disappears and you can continue your way to the 'winning box'. The player who succeed to bring ONE of his animals in the opposite 'winning box' wins the party.
On the Lite, there's only a beginner mode and it's easy to finish a game because the AI of the game doesn't try a lot to reach the 'win box' on your side.

It seems an interesting game but more for short moments or for people who like board games. It's really easy to learn how to play so with the 2 players mode in the full version, it could be interesting to have the game
09-14-2009, 03:25 PM
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Is the 2 player game wife ot BT ?

Please don't tell me pass n play
09-15-2009, 08:35 PM
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Review from users:


As you can see, the graphics are very smooth and clean. The Chinese theme is brilliantly done. The 3D animal tokens are very well made and they each have their own movement animation which makes it that much better. The game is brilliantly crafted compared to the real board game which is usually cheap paper and circular cardboard playing pieces.


Each animal has it's own sound when it moves, but other than that there is no audio. It would be a lot better if there was oriental background music as you played, but alas there isn't. Maybe in an update. Hopefully.


The controls are very simple. You tap on an animal to choose it and clouds appear on the spaces you can move that animal. You then tap which space to move it. If you want to redo a move, you can simply shake your ipod/iphone and an option will pop up asking if you'd like to redo that move.

Replay Value

It's a board game so naturally there is replay value. You can choose between four different difficulty levels, or even play against a friend on the same device. Each game goes pretty quickly and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, so it's great for playing on bus rides or while waiting in line.


Animal Kingdom is a very addicting very challenging game. It's definitely worth the dollar especially compared to most of the other higher end board games in the app store. The only thing that it is lacking is background music, if it had that, then it would be perfect. You can't go wrong buying Animal Kingdom and you most certainly won't regret it. I actually want to go out and find a copy of the real board game after playing this.


Gameplay/Controls: 9/10 - Simple controls, simple directions, yet deep gameplay that is hard to master.

Graphics: 9/10 - They are smooth and clean and the animations are great yet they get a little blurry while moving.

Audio:2/10 - Needs background music (in v1.2), the animal sounds are good though.

Replay: 9/10 - The game is addicting and very challenging.

Value for Money: 8/10 - It's one of my all-time favorite board games.

Overall: 7.5/10 - It would be a lot higher if the audio score wasn't so low.
09-16-2009, 12:09 AM
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what a wonderful game! I love it!