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iPhone: LIGHTS - Coming to the App Store 2015

02-03-2015, 02:09 PM
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LIGHTS - Coming to the App Store 2015

So Ive been making games on and off for about three years now. Never released any of these games yet. Im a developer located in Stockholm, Sweden. Several months back I made a post about one of my projects, In Another Story I Am Me. I came really far with it and had an awesome vision for the game. A lot of stuff happened and everything went down the drain. I planned on releasing it summer 2014... But yeah. I will get back to that game again, restructure the whole game from scratch... Anyways, heres that thread if youre interested:


A few months after the downfall of the above mentioned game, I rose up like the Dark Knight and started to play around with a few simple ideas that I had. I focused on one of these ideas for a few months and it started to grow into a really cool looking game. So between August last year and up to this day, Ive been working really hard on LIGHTS.

You guide lights through obstacles in this awesome game with graphics to die for. With many beautifully ambient, loveable tracks giving this smooth piece of hard but relaxing game warmth. 5 different modes/levels with different gameplay, music and themes.

So here are some pictures from the menu with 3 of the 5 modes:

Also, check out the trailer! The surrounding bright picture around the mobile device is terrible and will be replaced for the next trailer. Also, the quality of the video leaves a lot to wish for, but in the pictures above in this post youll see what the actual game looks like. Heres the link to the trailer:


Hope you are as pumped for this game as I am!
/Seb @ Venerable Rain
05-28-2015, 01:20 PM
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I had hoped to be done with this game already. You all know how it is. Work, kid, wife, home and everything else. I have so little time to focus on the game right now. But I'll get there, though! :smile: Just need to be optimistic. So hopefully its out this summer.

The game is pretty much done except for an In-game store, tutorials/hints, stats, achievements, the sound effects are yet to be made and a few other things... OK, who am I kidding. So the game is far from done... But Ive added collectables in all the different modes/levels that give you currency. I call them Light Bulps. Cuz they will give off a burpish, bubbly sound when collected. So its bulb+burp = bulp!

Anyways, there are some short clips from the game on my Instagram account, "venerablerain" (which you all should follow) along with a few pics. I try to update it regularly.

So when Im done with all the levels and the tutorials and the collectables and what not, Ill make a trailer and post it here for anyone whos interested. But hope you enjoy this update vid: