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[PreRelease] Super Stems for iOS

02-04-2015, 02:50 PM
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Super Stems - Domination board game - Feedback wanted before release

Hello guys!

I'm currently developing Super Stems, which is a domination board based game. I've currently made a web build for people to try out, so I can gather feedback, and hopefully make it better, to release it in a couple of weeks.

The current build is available on itch.io (http://mikea15.itch.io/super-stems) for anyone to test it.

Play, and give me some feedback on it.

Thank you.

SkyBelow.co.uk - Mikeadev.net

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02-04-2015, 03:39 PM
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Interesting game.

I tried out the UNITY web demo, and at first I was wondering why the computer kept making such dumb moves, but then I saw you were playing for score, not to win an individual game. (I'm assuming the AI plays better as you go.)

Is there a breakdown to the scoring?

Also - if you are going to have a multiplayer component: critical for such a game would be asynchronous play - if you haven't played them, get and play with Carcassonne and Ascension: Chronicles of the Godslayer for examples how to do it right. Larger/varied maps would be neat in such a case, as possibly 'neutral' pieces. Not sure if 3-4 player would make sense as huge chains of pieces can go back and forth if you don't plan accordingly (i.e. don't just capture long strings of chains if you've left a low number exposed - beware those pieces with 7 and 8 on them!)

Although the wargamer in me longs for bigger/varied maps, the small map and tileset let you become familiar with the available pieces in the pool - reminding me of something more akin to Mu & More played on a board that looks like Samurai.

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Worst idea ever!

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02-04-2015, 04:24 PM
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You assume not correctly.. the AI really is, dumb.. That is one of the things still in development. I still don't know wether to play to conquer the board, and that's it, or to they way it is, keep playing until you lose.

Yes, you score each time you capture a piece, and lose each time you lose one. Combo multiplies that depending on the chain.

For this game, I am not aiming multiplayer, this is a experimental game which is part of another, bigger one. I've started this on Ludum Dare 31, in December, and just wanted to finish it.

I might try different board layouts as you play through. I still have to make the AI play better. Thanks a lot

SkyBelow.co.uk - Mikeadev.net
02-07-2015, 03:00 PM
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I'm just posting an update on super stems! I have been updating the Artificial Intelligence so it doesn't make any dumb moves. I'm am also preparing powerups and different boards each time you play.

Please try it out, and leave me feedback.


SkyBelow.co.uk - Mikeadev.net