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iPhone: Pandorum - new 3rd person shooter out

09-14-2009, 02:23 PM
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Pandorum - new 3rd person shooter out

Found this today... anyone want to TOFT?

{UPDATE: I just found this post already done... SORRY!}

(This is from the developers site)

PANDORUM (by Artificial Life, Inc.)
PANDORUM (by Artificial Life, Inc.)

Category: Games
Price: $3.99
Released: Sep 11, 2009
Size: 88.7 MB
Seller: Artificial Life, Inc.
Latest version: 1.0.0

Application description

You're awake! A complete sense of abandonment and terror runs through your veins as you look around and see nothing but rusty technology and empty halls. You're on the Elysium, a spaceship of epic proportions, and you don't know why.

With little memory and no awareness of your surroundings, you are lost in the depths of space. Explore every corridor, vent, and sleep chamber on your search for survival. But beware, you’re not alone!

Join Corporal Bower on his journey, along with Lieutenant Payton and on-board scientist Nadia, to regain his memory and survive on the Elysium. Journey through 5 levels of intense action where you must shoot and blast the mysterious creatures that stalk your every move as you maneuver through the spaceship for survival!

PANDORUM is the official movie game for the theatrical released sci-fi action thriller starring Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid. This action-packed, fully-animated, 3D first-person role-playing game follows the thrilling storyline from the movie.

Don't fear the end of the world. Fear what happens next.

Game Features:

- Experience high quality audio and real time 3D graphics to create a terrifying atmosphere

- Enjoy the 360 panoramic view of the spaceship as Bower walks down each corridor and explores every chamber

- Escape into intense gameplay through the depths of space… you never know what horror lurks behind your every turn

- Immerse yourself into the storyline and cut scenes to bring yourself closer to revealing the Elysium’s secret

- Experience the mind-altering effects of Pandorum - a psychological disorder developed in deep space

- Wield a variety of specially-designed weapons to defend yourself from an array of vicious monsters

- Gain access to secret chambers by solving mind-boggling puzzles

- Customize control schemes to fit different playing styles

- Acquire the Add-On pack available as an in-game upgrade

a) Upgrade your weapons into more deadly ones that can blast monsters from afar

b) Boost your combat level with unlimited ammo supplies and a more protective outfit

c) Special visual effects offering a more thrilling and overwhelming spaceship experience

- Share Add-On features or game progress with friends via Bluetooth

- Retrieve more than 10 invaluable commemorative medals awarded for outstanding performance when completing missions

- Compare scores and best times on the global Leaderboard and compete with friends using Facebook Connect

- Watch the official movie trailer and visit ticket purchasing links (for the US only)

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