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App description: Meet the Jellies! You'll fall in love with over 50 cute costumes for these jellyfish critters.

Swim, jump, and bounce around to collect as many bubbles as possible. Score bonuses by improving your bubble combo! Use the bubbles you collect to unlock new jellies!

Benolds's comments:
Five years ago I got hooked on game development and programming when I built a simple Flash game called "Jellie" -- inspired by that, I just launched a remastered version of the game on iPhone and iPad!

This is great for the kids - simple, cute, and fun! There are over 50 jellyfish characters to unlock, 3 kinds of powerups, and hours of relaxing, bubble-popping action! Enjoy! It's 99cents, with no annoying ads or in-app purchases

02-05-2015, 09:41 PM
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There are 10 free promo codes up for grabs here: http://bit.ly/1zdPAuB

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02-05-2015, 10:06 PM
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02-06-2015, 01:04 AM
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No problem! If they run out and anyone else is looking for a code, feel free to let me know
02-06-2015, 03:02 AM
Thanks, redeemed a code!
I'll come back with feedback once I've given it a go. Thanks!
02-06-2015, 03:35 PM
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No problem! Any feedback is appreciated! I'm working on a few new features now including leaderboards, ways to increase your stats, and a time-attack mode! I'll probably add some more characters too
02-07-2015, 07:16 PM
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I made a quick 1-minute trailer of the game, for those of you who haven't been able to play it yet. Any feedback on the game (or even the trailer) would be great! People have been liking the game so far, with the exception of the jumping mechanism being a bit tricky for new players. I'm also planning to add more powerups that are difficult to unlock, to keep experienced players engaged longer.

02-07-2015, 09:14 PM
Hi, I've played for a while and unlocked 38 of 57 jellies.
It's quite a fun game to play relaxed, but also quite challenging if you're going for a high combo. It has the feel of a 'clicker' game, but one that will reward you far more if you give it your attention.
Controls are unusual but you get used to them quickly. My tip: if you want to go up, don't just taptaptap, time it.
My game crashed after I unlocked magnet bubbles, but it didn't lose any progress and still had magnet bubbles unlocked after I reloaded, so not a big issue.
The main thing is that since the 'jellies' are only cosmetic, and you can't even see what they'll look like before you buy them, once the last goal (buy 25 jellies) is completed lots of the motivation is lost. I would definitely recommend adding more goals, even if they're just things like reach 500 combo, or buying more jellies. A special 'multiplier' bubble that increases your multiplier by some number straight away would be cool.
Overall it's a very nice game in the vein of a clicker, with some added challenge involving combos (which, however, seems a bit dependent on getting a very lucky magnet-rain-magnet-rain-magnet-rain etc.), but needs some more goals in the later stages.
02-08-2015, 02:19 PM
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Thanks so much for the feedback! You brought up a lot of really important points.

I've heard from a few other people that they'd like more goals to keep aiming for. I'm thinking of adding a few more powerups that are progressively more difficult to unlock (e.g. get 100 combo, unlock 35 jellies, get 500 combo, unlock all jellies). Some ideas: the multiplier bubble you mentioned, and a clone/ghost bubble that creates a temporary mirror version of yourself that has the opposite horizontal position as you but can collect bubbles. struggled with balancing the game as I wanted the powerups to help but I may have made the magnet-rain combo too powerful.

I guess there's a problem with 'clicker' games if there's nothing else to unlock/aim for, you tend to lose interest, so adding more goals and content will hopefully keep players engaged. (Plus, I'm planning to add leaderboards so you can see how many bubbles you've collected compared to everyone else).

A friend suggested that I give each character their own stats or abilities. I'm considering this, but it would take a considerable amount of work so I'm not sure if it's worth the added complexity.

Thanks again for the feedback, I'm planning to make more updates to the game based on suggestions
02-11-2015, 06:18 AM

Thanks for the quick response.
Having character stats and abilities would probably be too much work to implement at this time (having done a bit of programming/development myself I know how small features for the player can be a huge amount of work for the creator! ).
However, having the last few characters to have special abilities would really make them something worth grinding for. It doesn't need to be much, but you'll be surprised at how making them 'special' will motivate players a lot more.
Making some jellies that unlock at certain combos, like 'achievement' jellies would also add a lot to the game.