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App description: A game involving numbers. In rows.

A Numbers Game is a deceptively simple yet absorbing new puzzle game. Tap on numbered tokens to send them on to the board from any direction, but watch out for the four center squares where pieces stick! Build horizontal and vertical rows of tokens with the same value. When you have four in a row, score points and make them disappear with a tap of your finger. If you want to risk building a longer chain, or two chains that intersect, you'll multiply the point value, but don't let the board fill up

The interactive musical score that changes as you play, reacting to your moves in the game, so that youre creating a unique musical performance every time.

Connect with Game Center to put your name on the leaderboard and challenge your friends to beat your score. Choose from three modes to vary the game play and match your skill level:

EASY Easy mode involves numbers one to nine, plus Scissors and WildCard tokens to help get you out of tight spots. Start here to learn the game, then build your high score by making intersecting vertical and horizontal rows, earning double points.

HARD Hard mode adds the dreaded zero token and has no WildCard. Challenge yourself with this level once you've learned how to strategize.

PROGRESSIVE Progressive mode grows increasingly harder as you play. It starts simple with just numbers two through seven, then gradually adds the rest as the game progresses. Begin by earning big scores in two dimensions, then adjust your strategy as the new tokens enter the game make it more challenging.
02-13-2015, 11:23 PM
Nice game. Glad 148 Apps reviewed it though I don't agree with it....