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App description: You control Vladmirite a Demon sent to the pits of the demon world who is trapped inside a Dungeon for daring to disobey the King of The Demons Zeamus. To gain freedom and escape from the dungeon he must survive 18 waves of demons, trolls and other monsters that live in the Demon Realm. Only through surviving 18 waves of attacks will his freedom be granted. After which he will have to face The King of The Demons himself: Zeamus. Use your demon-hero and his special powers to guide him to freedom and from the depths of the darkest realm known to exist.

Use your super power ups to defeat the onslaught of multiple demons and trolls.

The Hammer of Lazraus: Use your special smash power up to destroy any troll, gnome, demon inside the dungeon!
Super Demon Mode: Use your super demon mode to survive great onslaught of trolls, gnomes and other monsters. Watch Vladimirite transform into a super demon and destroy all monsters with his super sonic roar!
Fireballs! As Vladrimite transforms into a Super Demon use his special fireball ability to take out the enemies attacking him.

Can you make it to the 18th wave? If 1000 people guide Vladimirite through the evils of the Dungeon and destroy all the monsters that are attacking him than Zeamus his evil twin brother The King of The Demons will be unlocked as the final boss and the most epic boss fight you will ever see will take place. Can you make it? Not many who venture out come back alive from this adventure!

we.R.play's comments:
Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you guys know that our new game Dungeon and Demons is now out on the appstore! Let us know what you guys think!


Thanks and have fun playing!

02-27-2015, 12:17 AM
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Game is now live!

Game is now live guys! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dungeon-demons-survival-against/id957689958?ls=1&mt=8

Let us know what you guys think!