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App description: Think you're good at poker? Are you good enough to play with a partner and hustle your opponents?

Play Texas Hold'em with a twist! In Tag Team Poker, you can collude with a friend against other duos at your table. Split winnings with your teammate and strategize to outfox other teams. Can you bluff your way to the win? Or are two hands simply luckier than one?

Partner up with friends on Facebook or we can seat you with a new friend to collude with.

Think you've got this new play style down? Try Challenge mode for a chance to win the jackpot in 20 hands.


Tag Team Poker features:

Under the Gun view: You get to see each opponent up close and personal, and see all their actions and tells as they make their play.

The Conspire Wheel: communicate with your opponent and strategize how to beat your opponents.

Bonus Daily Flop - you get a FREE flop each day - the higher the hand you make, the more chips you're awarded!

Challenge Mode - When time is of the essence, can you win when you need to? Challenge mode lets you play a set number of hands, and depending how you and your partner performs, you'll win different prizes. The top prize being a continuously growing progressive Jackpot!

An ongoing Leader Board that shows the top players and pairs. The top players get rewarded prizes when each season ends.

Quick Play Poker - get seated at another table once you've folded so you can get continuous action.

When other poker houses discourage collusion, we WANT you collude and reward you for it!

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Tag Team Poker

Tag Team Games Inc
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02-18-2015, 03:23 PM
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Greetings from Tag Team Games

Hello everyone,

My name is Simon, and I'm one of the 3 people who created Tag Team Poker. We started Tag Team Games about a year ago and Tag Team Poker is our first game release. Our philosophy was to create games that allowed friends to play cooperatively, and hopefully, Tag Team Poker offers just that.

If you'd like to learn more about the game and our story, please visit our site! Trying out the game would be awesome too