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App description: This is Faceless. The extremely challenging (nearly impossible) running game which will have you looking for the nearest water well to chuck your phone in.

Phase 1: Joffrey's Kingdom.

Life as a man without a face is hard in medieval times. Especially when such a trait is considered an abomination, an act punishable by death. However, when the great king Joffrey captures you, he decides to make you his fool instead. But what this merciful king fails to see will ultimately be the death of him, for youre not just an empty face.
02-22-2015, 11:37 PM
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After first installing the game, it shows 2 splash screens before turning completely black. It stays that way for so long that I thought my iPad had crashed. I think you'll need some kind of feedback on the screen to let the user know it's actually doing something.

I like the concept (timing jumps on the left while also timing a limited lightning strike on the right) and think it could be turned into something fun and interesting. However, it's so laggy (iPad2, iOS 7.1) that it's almost unplayable. Actually, it just crashed completely after a few seconds, so it is unfortunately unplayable.