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VR Coaster - Bringing Mobile VR and Gaming to Real Roller Coasters

02-24-2015, 06:24 AM
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VR Coaster - Bringing Mobile VR and Gaming to Real Roller Coasters

Hello everyone,

at first I was unsure where to post this, but as the first release of our app will probably be an Android version (Gear VR), I guess this section is the right place for this.

Maybe you have already seen some of our crazy roller coaster experiments on Youtube.
And you might know some of our iOS games like Blood Roofs or Shadow Vamp.
Well, what we're doing right now is basically creating mobile VR versions of these games that can be experienced on real roller coasters!

After one year of researching the combination of VR with real coasters, we've now revealed our patented commercial concept that will make this whole thing viable for a robust worldwide implementation. It mainly targets mobile VR devices and solves pretty much all of the common issues that usually came with public VR installations.

Check out our new video for the details:

Here's also a visual explanation of the whole concept:

At the moment, we are entirely focussing on the Gear VR. Developing for this device is great fun and it's really impressive what you can do on this hardware!
As we're concentrating on mobile hardware, we have also created all our 3D assets in a way that is suitable for mobile platforms. Our plan is, of course, to bring coaster versions of our mobile games to this system, starting with Spooky Hoofs 3D (that is still under development, but you can already see some assets here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZoDcljx07w ), Blood Roofs, Shadow Vamp and of course customized VR rides that will be created specially for the parks who will use this system.

Together with our partner Mack Rides, we've presented this system at the IAAPA fair in Orlando and we're already receiving enormous interest and support from the industry. So, I'm quite confident that you'll be able to test this amazing kind of experience on a roller coaster near you soon...

Also, feel free to follow us at Facebook:

And for more info, as well as some details on how this all started, check out our website:

Best wishes

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02-24-2015, 10:35 AM
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There arent any decent roller coasters in PH. Sigh... Really wish i could try something like this.

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