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App description: Spellcaster: The Gatekeeper's Oath is an interactive fantasy novel set in Suidemor, where danger lurks around every corner. Solve puzzles and cast magic as you search for King Othirom to release him from the Forgotten Spell.

Languishing behind the towering walls of his castle, King Othirom has been cast under the Forgotten Spell. The gates to the castle have been locked for thirteen years and the gatekeepers have long since left their posts and gone into hiding. Can you open the abandoned castle gates while avoiding capture by the dangerous Olcrada?


All new spells to master! Become invisible, protect yourself, and communicate with the spirits!
Delve deeper into the city of Suidemor, including the city's sinister gaol.
Uncover clues and solve unique puzzles to help Suidemor's residents.
Combat the elements themselves in your quest to rescue your father!
Wondrous new illustrations from Tony Hough to discover!
Achievements to find throughout the gamebook as you play.

The Gatekeeper's Oath has been created using Tin Man Games critically acclaimed Gamebook Adventures Engine featuring:

Read the book horizontally or vertically on your tablet.
An automated Adventure Sheet to keep track of stats and inventory.
Artwork gallery. Find an illustration in the gamebook and be able to access it full-screen forever.
Bookmarking system which saves your position in the gamebook, much like putting your fingers between the pages to remember your previous page when reading the paperback!
Specially composed soundtrack and sound effects.
02-25-2015, 09:30 AM
Oh, excellent! I will buy every single one of their games, forever. They are immersive and beautiful and wonderfully fun.
02-25-2015, 11:24 AM
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While I love Tin Man formula for great gamebooks, the grammatical error on the first screenshot makes this one look a little bit rushed perhaps? "...it is has taken..."