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App description: Immerse yourself in a brand new social weed growing adventure with Weed Garden Online!

Open up a medical marijuana dispensary franchise in the woods of Massachusetts and start growing weed in your outdoor garden. Sell your weed to locals, online customers or the weed warehouse. Make money, upgrade and customize your front shop or trick out your outdoor garden with unique rasta decorations. Go online to send and receive weed seeds from your Facebook friends, buy or steal weed globally, visit or rob other weed shops and much more!

Weed Garden Online Features:
-Breathtaking 3D Environment: Experience the first growing game with stunning graphics and a chill soundscape.
-Unique Shop & Garden Upgrades: Customize your shop inside and out!
-Completely New Plants: Grow the most popular medical cannabis on the East coast.
-Online Weed Shops: Sell & buy weed globally, visit other shops and get free seeds!
-Thugs For Hire: Send thugs and shoplifters to competing weed shops and score big!
-Weed Warehouse: Make big money by selling your crops wholesale!
02-28-2015, 02:04 AM
Joined: Dec 2014
Posts: 7
Why doesnt youre plants grow in background?
You have to open the game to let your plant grow its pretty annoying

Please change it or answer why not

By the way its a very nice game
03-02-2015, 08:01 PM
That's by design. It's meant to be played actively pretty much like GTA where you only progress in the game while actually playing it.

Customer satisfaction is an important part of the game and to keep it high you have to keep up with the demand by any means necessary- growing large quantities at a time, using fertilizer to speed up the process or buying and reselling weed from other shops. Having the plants grow in the background would kill the strategy aspect of the gameplay and would make it less intense.

At the same time we really hate games that keep sending you push notifications when you're at work, school or just blazing it up. So we decided to create a game that you can play on your own terms and made the grow times shorter to compensate for lack of background progress.

For more info and updates check out http://www.weedshopgame.com