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Open The Valve! For Kids 37 'Toca Train' (Universal) $2.99 > Free

03-05-2015, 01:18 AM
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Open The Valve! For Kids 37 'Toca Train' (Universal) $2.99 > Free

I must confess that I played this longer than 15 min. I LOVE that steam whistle simulation, it works almost like an instrument! Very recommended! Free for the first time!

Wikipedia: Steam Whistle

The whistle consists of the following main parts: the whistle bell, the steam orifice or aperture, and the valve.

When the lever is pulled (usually via a pull cord), the valve opens and lets the steam escape through the orifice. The steam will alternately compress and rarefy in the bell, creating the sound. The pitch, or tone, is dependent on the length of the bell; and also how far the operator has opened the valve. Some locomotive engineers invented their own style of whistling.

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03-05-2015, 12:36 PM
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If you have kids, then anything by Toca Boca is worth the asking cost and free is a steal.

Some of their apps are made to play with others, like tea party and toca store, while others stimulate interacting with people, like hair salon and kitchen. This one, Toca Train, is more of a solo experience, but you can definitely (as with all of their apps) still play it together with your kid.

Toca Boca apps are less like games and more like virtual toys. I played a lot if them with my daughter and they were great in helping to teach her social skills. Now she's eight and she plays with her brother who's three, and not only is he learning social skills from it, but she's learning a new set of social skills (now SHE's the 'grown up' teaching the young one).

The best part is that the kids never feel like they are doing a learning app. It's all play with these apps. I have every Toca Boca game on my iPad and they have all been great investments.

I have no idea why I'm giving such a big plug for them here. I only intended to say the first line of my post, and then it turned into this, lol.
03-05-2015, 02:08 PM
+1 to the above post! Toca boca makes the silliest, dumbest, most enjoyable games ever. My kids absolutely love them.

If you haven't tried the hair salon one where you can plug your own real face onto the head, you are truly missing out.