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App description: Space Simulator is an ultra realistic 3D space flight simulation game running real physics in a full-scale Solar System with unrivaled rendering and graphics.

PLAY historic NASA missions of the Apollo Moon Program, Space Shuttle flights, Project Gemini, X-15 Hypersonic Plane and free flight missions to explore all planets and major moons of the Solar System.

LAUNCH from Kennedy Space Center, orbit the Earth and Moon, dock with ISS, perform Trans Lunar Injections, land on the Moon, practise rendezvous and return home with reentry and splashdown.

PLAN complex interplanetary orbits, operate flight computers, use onboard switches, instruments and displays, experience the full challenges of space flight and unleash the astronaut within!

key features:

Interactive orbit planner to easily visualize, create and modify complex interplanetary orbits

Spaceships have 3D cockpits with functional controls and instruments

Custom mission editor to create hypothetical scenarios of past, present and future space programs

Original audio footage on selected missions

Step-by-step interactive tutorials of the Apollo Program lunar missions from launch to landing on the Moon to reentry. These tutorials take you through the same procedures, paths and events that led man to the Moon in July 1969.

Uses aerodynamics models commonly used in most mainstream flight simulators

Space Simulator uses real gravitational forces, distances and velocities based on a revolutionary physics engine especially created for this app running on the GPU.

Ultra realistic rendering engine for the Earth and Moon with high resolution surfaces and atmosphere using a new metal-based graphics engine for unprecedented realism at maximum possible framerate

The Apollo computers are emulated running actual code from the 1960s

Configurable window-based UI allowing customization of the interface to suit your preferences

Comprehensive configuration options to customize difficulty and gameplay according to your device capabilities

Over 50 ready to fly missions
03-05-2015, 04:36 PM
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Is this the one buzz aldrin was involved with?

03-05-2015, 04:37 PM
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Holy whaaaaaa?!

This looks awesome.
03-05-2015, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by coolpepper43 View Post
Is this the one buzz aldrin was involved with?
No, that's going to be published by Slitherine and still coming soon, apparently.
03-05-2015, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by famousringo View Post
Holy whaaaaaa?!

This looks awesome.
This IS awesome. Been having a keen eye on it since I found out about it in Upcoming Games thread.
Snapped it up straight away when the devs said it was live today.

Only spent an hour or so with it so far but if you are after a deep and complex simulator that you need to research, understand and learn you can't go wrong. It's very detailed and seemingly the devs have been very accurate in modelling the various ship systems/computers and solar system. It looks really great.

Seriously, first time you launch and see the Earths horizon getting gradually more curved, and the darkness of space and the stars appearing, and the halo of atmosphere around our planet blend into view, and Earths cloud systems becoming visible over vast distances.... it's a beautiful moment in gaming and they done it REALLY nicely (to see that for real, I can't comprehend how amazing it must be!). I'm happy with seeing it just in game-form for now though!

Back to the game: the instructions/manual definitely need some work. Even referring to their Wiki leaves me somewhat baffled but I love figuring out simulators through trial and error anyway, so it's all good fun. I'm totally not sure what buttons to press to make the ship do what's needed

There is so much to it! Launching, orbiting calculations, navigating, docking to satellites and other craft, landing on the moon, relaunching from the moon to dock back with the command module. It's all here, and mastering it will be a real challenge. Looking forward to get my head around it over the weekend.

I managed to manually fly the shuttle back from orbit through earths atmosphere but used all my fuel so kind of smashed into the sea at 6000m/s which probably isn't healthy. There must be a way to do it "properly" but I didn't get that far yet Surprised it didn't burn up before getting near the ground (although it was a big fireball lol). Parachute didn't work either.

TL;DR - if you are not scared off by a game that totally doesn't hold your hand, and you love space, this should be on your device.
03-06-2015, 01:58 AM
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Really really awesome simulator!!! I only Hope to see it in iPhone very soon!!!
03-06-2015, 09:07 AM
Not a clue what to do but I can tell it's brilliant. Crashed into the sea whilst trying to get to the moon. Story of my life. It does remind me somewhat of being 12 and everyone loving Elite, except me, who just couldn't dock and couldn't be bothered learning how to dock. Anyhow, this is quite probably brilliant if you have the time and energy to work out what to do. I hope that once all the missions are complete there's a bonus shooter round. That'd make it perfect.
07-10-2015, 05:24 PM
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Can't wait to play this looks so awesome
Their Facebook says July 8th new update w iPhone added should be any day around that date... Fingers crossed it's soon
07-11-2015, 09:11 AM
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Never heard of this until yesterday. Have to get an iTunes card today so I can get this. This looks awesome
07-11-2015, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Dailon80 View Post
Can't wait to play this looks so awesome
Their Facebook says July 8th new update w iPhone added should be any day around that date... Fingers crossed it's soon
Yes, they declared a date around 8th July... Finger crossed! I can't wait to play this great sim on my little iphone!!!