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[BETA] Skullduggery! for Android looking for beta testers

03-06-2015, 02:27 PM
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[BETA] Skullduggery! for Android looking for beta testers

Hi everyone, this is Bernie from ClutchPlay Games. We are really excited to announce “Skullduggery!” is coming to Android devices soon. We are looking for some beta testers to help us do a last round of testing before we release it worldwide. This version also contains the first look at our new “Village of the Scammed” content, where you’ll fling through the hi-tech security systems of Frau DuLenta to retrieve the stolen hoards of some devious tax cheats.

Join the “Skullduggery!” beta community here: http://plus.google.com/u/0/communiti...60587764374521

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Headshots! Paperwork! Semi-Organic Autonomous Skulls collecting taxes from the Deadbeats of the Afterlife!
Official Selection, PAX 10 Indie Showcase, PAX Prime 2014
4.5/5 - Touch Arcade
9/10 - Pocket Gamer (Pocket Gamer Gold Award)
5/5 - AppSpy
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You know the old saying, “you can’t take it with you?” Well, we’ve got news for you, my friends, they were WRONG! “Deadbeats” have been taking their riches with them to the afterlife for centuries and it’s the job of the INFERNAL Revenue Service — and its army of skulls — to collect! That’s where you come in.

In “Skullduggery!” you’ll play a Semi-Organic Autonomous Skull employed as a collection agent for the IRS. Using the elasticity of your own brain, flick yourself around the fortresses of the afterlife’s biggest deadbeats.

- BRAIN POWER: Pull back ANYWHERE on the screen to stretch out your brain! Let go to snap your skull forward like a brainy rubber band.

- BULLET TIME: Touch and hold in mid-air to slow down time, change directions, avoid deadly obstacles, and pull off crazy trick shots!

- GRAVITATIONAL TRUANCY: Repeatedly jump by aiming again while your skull is mid-flight.

- STEALTHINESS: Being small has advantages! Hide in trash cans, chests, and jars. Slip behind surly guards and take them out while their backs are turned!

- HEADSHOTS: Take out enemies with a single well-placed fling to the cranium.

- HEAD TO HEAD: Play ‘head to head’ against your friends to become the afterlife’s most successful agent.

- BUREAUCRACY: Fill out paperwork and reflect on the inherent emptiness of existence!

“Skullduggery!” features the endearingly grotesque art stylings of game artist extraordinaire Bill Mudron, inspired by the Max Fleischer animations of the 1930’s, and a quirky, doom-jazzy, bureau-noir soundtrack from industrial musician Michael Arthur Holloway.


- A finely-tuned and deeply-satisfying one-touch control scheme specifically tailored to mobile.
- Four distinctly unique and atmospheric worlds with more on the way.
- Dreadful puns.
- Single Player mode with 32 surreal and pleasantly spooky levels.
- Multiplayer “Head to Head” mode with a variety of brain-pounding arenas.
- Hidden rooms and secret chests containing treasure and other delights.
- Pleasing power-ups and epic boss battles!
- Dozens of collectables and secondary objectives for maximum replayability.
- Over 20 unique skulls to unlock, including guest celebrity skulls from some of our favorite games.
- Compete with Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards.
- Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork!

================================================== =

Hi, We're ClutchPlay Games!

We’re a small indie game studio located in not-so-sunny yet idyllic Portland, Oregon. Our first game, Little Chomp was selected as one of six featured titles at the 2013 PAX East Indie Showcase and more recently, “Skullduggery!” was featured in the PAX 10 Indie Showcase at PAX Prime, 2014.

We'd love to hear your feedback, so please drop us a line or just say hi at feedback@clutchplaygames.com, or follow us on Twitter at @ClutchPlayGames

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03-07-2015, 12:04 PM
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Looks like my [url] tag won't work until I have more posts. Well I just wanted to say this account isn't a spam bot and I am a real person. Unless that is what a spam bot would say. But that would be a lot of work to have the bot actually try to prove its humanity by replying to its own post. But that would be kind of brilliant really. Not that anyone is doing some sort of Turing test with accounts and granting them [url] capabilities based on that. Well at least this gets me 1 post closer to [url] superpowers.
03-11-2015, 01:32 PM
I can attest to the fact that Bernie is not, in fact, a bot. :P

We really could use your help in testing so if you're at all interested, please let us know. We also have come brand new content in this build that has never been seen before.


Thanks for your help!