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App description: Plumbs is a cute block puzzler for all ages. Fascinating, unique & easy to play!

Plumbs is a cute block puzzler requiring skill, concentration and quick reflexes. Get immersed trying to protect your tower from the malicious Dozer. Play by yourself or take turns playing with your friends to beat the high score!

Plumbs Features
* Different game modes - highscore and missions
* Platform independent world ladder
* Cute and cuddly blocks
* Optimized for phones and tablets

Download Plumbs Today!

owleetEU's comments:
We have just released our second mobile game - Plumbs.
Here are some promo codes for you guys And please tell us what you think



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6Y7MTLPM73WK thank you
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Thank you!
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LAEPTF7T77RK thanks
03-15-2015, 06:06 PM
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Sorry to take a while to get back with feedback. Lot of medical stuff going on.

Plumbs is a fun and unique puzzler or arcade game. Even the name is unique.
I really enjoyed the creativity and thought put into making the game.
Easy to play but hard to master. The goal is to create a specific pattern with the colored squares dropping down from the top. For example; if you have 4 red outlines, you need to fill them with 4 red blocks. If the pattern is not on the bottom of the screen, you need to place other blocks beneath the pattern so that the patterned blocks can sit on top of them. There's plenty of different patterns that keep getting more challenging. You can swipe the colored blocks right or left and you can also tap to make 2 or more matching colored blocks disappear.
Because the colored blocks are random, I think sometimes certain time goals are not realistic. I found myself waiting for the next red block sometimes taking up most of the goal time so I would not earn that extra star, but would still pass the level. I know that this would bother those players that strive for perfection in the puzzle games they play.
Otherwise, Plumbs is a fantastic and unique game with friendly controls. Cute graphics that just might make you smile the whole time you are playing. I'll keep this one on my iPad for a while.
03-28-2015, 04:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Lavender View Post
Plumbs is a fun and unique puzzler or arcade game. Even the name is unique.
We are very happy that you like our game! We tried very hard to make a cute and funny game for every age