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Welcome to the Rocket Ninja Dojo.

Becoming a ninja has never been harder. To become a legendary assassin, one must not just master the Japanese martial arts and the legendary secret skills of the ninja, but one must also learn to survive in todays modern world. In ancient Japan, the original ninjas had no problems training. No problems completing their missions. They were master assassins and not a soul in Japan knew what they were doing. But the world changed. We are no longer in ancient Japan.

So as you enter the Rocket Ninja Dojo, be prepared for a totally different training curriculum. Our dojo will honor the traditional Asian training style and will make you into an assassin. You will become a master of karate and a master of the Japanese martial arts. However, our training course will mirror todays hostile environment. We will train in Japan, but with rockets and UFOs. Are you ready, young grasshopper?

The Ninja Way of Life:

Ninjas do not sleep: They dont. So training is 24/7. Dont you put down this game.
Ninjas only eat chilies: Asian chilies in fact. Ninjas at this dojo dont have time to eat and Asian chilies are delicious.
Ninjas can fly: This is a legendary ninja skill. Not all ninjas will be able to learn it.
Ninjas can run upside down: Another legendary ninja skill. See if you can master the skill while running on the rockets.
Ninjas are not invincible: They actually have two lives. If you die once, you can keep training. If you die twice, you are officially dead.
Ninjas are masters of the Japanese martial arts: Especially, karate.

About Amutus:
Amutus is a leading Japanese digital entertainment company that delights audiences with ebooks, mobile games, e-commerce sites, and other digital media. Founded in 2013, Amutus has amassed over 5 million monthly unique visitors over its web and mobile platforms and is the largest ebook distributor in Japan. The company distributes and creates addictive Japanese games. Amutus is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infocom, a future-focused Japanese IT company.

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The Gameplay:

Beta Testing : Forgotten Memories, Sky Force 2014, Rush Rally 2, GRID Autosport & Many More

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Oh, cool. It's out. I was looking for this earlier this morning and couldn't find it.