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App description: Calling All Star Pilots [STOP] Star HQ destroyed [STOP] Teleport coordinates for evacuation pods compromised [STOP] Immediate pickup requested [STOP] Proceed with extreme caution [STOP] This may be a trap [END OF MESSAGE]

Captain Viridian Green
Star Squad Space Defence

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03-26-2015, 02:54 AM
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Oh Wow, it's out!
06-04-2015, 07:40 PM
Joined: Sep 2014
Location: Brisbane, Australia
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Hi folks, this is the GeekBrain Games dev team.

We've just released v1.1 for Star Squad Space Rescue!

Please check it out!

Weve added:
* 10 new ships, including new special FX to go with them
* a collectable star mechanic that lets you earn up to 3 stars per ship
* a bonus system in the game which can turn all the enemy bullets into pickups (this is really cool)
* a boost system that lets you activate either a x2 bonus multiplier or start from near your current best score
* 15 more languages, making for 16 in total including English
* infinite lives buy it once, get infinite lives forever for the huge sum of $1.99 USD
* banner ads

Weve taken away:
* that frustrating bug where sometimes you could get killed by a bullet while inside a safe bubble
* the really annoying wait time on the hints-and-tips screen
* the +10 lives purchasable, because infinite lives is way cooler
* a whole bunch of confusing buttons and UI that werent needed
* that other bug that caused some devices to occasionally just crash after finishing a run
* 5 of your lives, because were mean
* 5 minutes off each life timer so they come back faster because were not THAT mean
* banner ads, if youve purchased a ship or if you buy the new infinite lives