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Questions for a CODER...

09-17-2009, 12:36 PM
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Questions for a CODER...

(Copied from a previous post)

I honestly think Flight Deck will be a top contender ONCE the updates are added. I'm almost afraid to promote it in its current state given that everybody wants more levels no matter how many you already have. THE REVIEWS have been VERY good especially here on Touch Arcade and I am very thankful!

I guess maybe I'm getting impatient. But I try to think like a gamer... My original intentions were to release a major update in 30 to 45 days... and here it is less than a week and I'm already trying to rush the new levels..... I have the artwork done, they just need to be coded and implemented....

So long story short, my question to you as self coding developers.... Should I stick with my current programmer which I think may be getting quote happy given initial success of Flight Deck... or is it relatively easy for a new coder to pick through the existing code and make the changes and upgrades I'm thinking about?

Like I said, I am at least a year away from being a coder myself... I have the books and the background... previous engineering student at University of Alabama.... but I just need the time to get back into this...

No, never finished college... massive weight loss, muscles, now I'm sexy to the girls... started own business... degree not so important... Long story, don't ask...

Yes I regret it sometimes, even though they say you shouldn't have any regrets.. ;-)

But, back to the CODING question... any help would be appreciated.
09-17-2009, 01:12 PM
Picking through someone else's code can be a nightmare, even for what may sound like small changes. It really depends on how the existing code base is structured/organized. It's impossible for someone that's not already familiar with the code to give you an accurate quote on how hard the changes would be. You're almost certainly going to be better off sticking with the original developer.

09-17-2009, 05:51 PM
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More on the matter at hand...

I will agree with Stroffolino on his comment:
Originally Posted by Stroffolino View Post
Picking through someone else's code can be a nightmare, even for what may sound like small changes.
In learning programming over the past decade I've seen that people with the ability to quickly read over someone else's code and make sense of the code architecture and implement changes are a rare find. My business partner can do it but getting into takes time - and that's billable time. So for someone even to look at your code is going to cost money, and as I said, coders with the skill-set that you are looking for are a rare and expensive commodity.

Also, even the original coder if not constantly working on it, or managing various projects needs to sit down and get back into it before implementing changes - and when instituting those changes you do sometimes create new bugs - it just happens.

We are currently working on our 5th app, and we do bid on projects with acceptable RPFs, but sometimes when the client gets the estimate they are a little taken back about the time and effort things take and are normally on a fixed or limited budget. Even a small project can take between 60-180 hours and at even 100.00/hour your looking at 6k-18k.

If your original programmers time is acceptable then I too would suggest sticking with him/her. In addition, if you are going to rework something, unless it's a bug fix that's necessary then you may want to group your features into a feature release schedule and work on them on schedule - integrating bug fixes as you go forward with your schedule. Just a few thoughts.

Able Pear Software
09-17-2009, 06:58 PM
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You have another option also.
Cut your coder in for part of the % of the income
So that they have a vested interest in a app that is successful etc.
09-18-2009, 12:11 PM
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Programming is too diverse to give you a simple anwser. It really depends upon your level of famailairty with coding and the experience and professionalism of your programmer. Novice programmers code is almost impossible to decpier even to themselves. As people mature in their field they learn techniques and steps to improve their coding standards, esp. when they work in teams.

If you have access to the source give it a peek and see if you can follow what is happening behind the scenes. Though a word of advice, doing everything yourself is not the way to go. Time to market, building strong teams and relationships with your contract people is the way to go. Focus on what your good at be it art, design, organzing people etc.. Delegate tasks which your not and focus on making great games in the shortest time possible. That I think is key for indie developers.

Good Luck!

09-21-2009, 11:05 AM
I think you should stiff the guy that actually wrote the game once you'd had a little taste of success. Heaven forbid anyone else make any money but you.

Why not cut him in for a piece of the action and see how much more effort he puts into his updates?
10-18-2009, 04:08 PM
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It is not that I am unhappy with my developer...

I realize he is in business to make money as am I. It is just that since he is a business, my problems are NOT a major concern, especially after payment has been made. I have been waiting on BUG FIXES for several weeks.... with no luck. All programming Updates are several weeks out as they are pretty busy from what I understand.

As a business, and a relatively new CODER, I was simply wondering if it was possible to send the code to someone else to finish or adjust.... I have since decided to stay with my current coder as they did go above and beyond in the first game, and after some discussion and research, I found their pricing to be extremely fair. I only wish that they were available to work on my second game as I am losing confidence in the coder working on that game.

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